Baseball Field

Herkimer Holds One of the Top On-Campus Baseball Facilities in the State

The completely fenced in ballpark has dimensions of 330 feet down the left field line, 320 feet down the right field line, and 400 feet to center field. The field has a southern ball park feel to it with grassed in baselines from home plate to first base and from home plate to third base. The baseball facility has home and away dugouts with turfed flooring, open faced dugouts, and a small fence in front of the dugout getting the players closer to the action on the field. The baseball facility also features home and away bullpens, an outdoor batting cage, scoreboard, and an infield tarp to keep the field ready to play in case of bad weather. The sound of music playing from the press box gets the students out of their dorm rooms, to the field, which creates one of the best home field atmospheres in the country.