1987 Field Hockey Team

1987 Field Hockey

Class of 2013 Hall of Fame Inductee

Field Hockey

The 1987 field hockey team was the first team in the history of the College to win a national championship. After going 15-1 and winning the regional championship that year, Herkimer defeated Becker Junior College (Leicester, MA) 1-0 in the final game to win the NJCAA national championship. All but two of the team members were present to accept the honor. Coached by Jeanne Galvin, the team included: Dana Alberico Lonis, Christine Battisti Keane, LaRae Benedict, Carol Ann Champlin Hammons, Mary Clifford, Pam Comins Armstrong, Beth Crouch, Tracey D'Amore Burris, Terri Dean Jackson, Michelle Dudak Farrell, Shelly Fallon Reinold, Kathy Hawk Holden, Lori Lupini, Wendy Russell, Terri Scoville, Dexa Wojcik Iamele, Dori Yerina Gilman, Suzanne Yerina, Laura Zerrillo Morris and team manager Amy Geloso D'Amato.

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