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1,000 point club accomplished by Feiler in win » Herkimer Generals
2 1JonathanFeilerA
(Jonathan Feiler scored 1,000 points as a General this afternoon).

1,000 point club accomplished by Feiler in win

HERKIMER, NY – The Herkimer Generals Men’s Basketball team kept up their solid play on a special Saturday afternoon in the varsity gym, defeating another conference opponent by double digits, and adding Jonathan Feiler (St. James, NY) as a 1,000 point scorer to the Generals’ history books, the programs second, en route to a 96-76 victory over Clinton Community College.

Herkimer 18-4 (10-1) saw Feiler score his 1,000 point within the first seven minutes of play, needing only four points to accomplish the feat, doing it on an ‘and one’ play from a field goal attempt 15 feet away from the basket. He’d sink the free throw, giving Herkimer a 19-14 lead, helping lead the Cougars by eight points (49-41) at half.

The Generals defense held the Cougars to 35 points in the second half, scoring 48, having the game out of reach in the final minutes of regulation after the team went on a 16-to-8 run (Clinton tied it at 31 apiece with nine minutes left). An alley oop dunk by Wendall Williams (Syracuse, NY) from Enson Garcia finished it, seeing Tyler DeChalus (Elmont, NY) score the final bucket, helping the Generals to their eighth consecutive win.

The team’s next game is at Genesee Community College. The Generals are 11-1 on the road, and will face the team for the first time this season before playing their final six games against conference opponents. Game time is scheduled for 2 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro; Athletic Website Manager


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