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Owens and Mondesir lead Generals to first win » Herkimer Generals

Owens and Mondesir lead Generals to first win

(Herkimer's Daniel Owens had a game-high 19 points on Tuesday at home).

(Herkimer's Shomari Redd scored six points against the Spartans Tuesday).

HERKIMER, NY – Getting big time contributions from Daniel Owens (Albany, NY) and Kristian Mondesir (Queens, NY) in their first regular season game at home on Tuesday (11/3), the #5 Herkimer Generals men’s basketball team defeated Cayuga Community College 69-54 in regulation.

Herkimer (1-0) relied heavily on Owens in the first half, watching the sophomore sink two three pointers on his way to 14 first half points. It helped the Generals lead the entire first half, not making it double digits (27-17) until there was 4:59 left before intermission. Owens failed to complete a three-point play after a nifty layup, then field goals by Tyquan Scott (Long Beach, NY), Owens and Shomari Redd (Westbury, NY) kept the lead at eight points into halftime (31-23).

The Generals came out sluggish in the second half which resulted in numerous turnovers. It helped Cayuga chip away at the lead, making it five points (35-30) with 15:20 left in regulation. An Owens three pointer and lay ups by Redd derailed the Spartans a bit, building the lead to 45-37, but then Mondesir took over, scoring 13 points in the final 10 minutes. It helped create a 20-point lead which was too much for Cayuga to come back from. Mondesir’s efforts gave him a career-high 17 points, knocking down four three-point field goals in the second half. Ahead of Mondesir was Owens, scoring a game-high 19.

Rounding out the rest of the attack was Scott with nine points, Redd with six, Christopher Simmons (Utica, NY) with six, Patrick Dorrian (Kingston, NY) with four, Tru Garland (Bronx, NY) with three, Anquan McLean Jr. (Albany, NY) with two and Shaitique Blatche (Syracuse, NY) with two.

Up next for Herkimer is Jefferson Community College on Saturday (11/7). The Cannoneers are 1-1, recently defeating Queensborough 108-64. The Generals will host Jefferson in the varsity gym on Saturday at 3 p.m.  


#5 Herkimer Generals 69, Cayuga Spartans 54

GENERALS (1-0) Daniel Owens 19, Kristian Mondesir 17, Tyquan Scott 9, Shomari Redd 6, Christopher Simmons 6, Patrick Dorrian 4, Tru Garland 3, Anquan McLean Jr. 2, Shaitique Blatche 2. Totals: 27-5-69

SPARTANS (0-1) Bennito Ayarza 17, Darien Lowe 15, Jordan Curtis 10, Christian Rodriguez 6, Jay Scarbough 5, Trenton Green 2, Derric Jordan 2, Mike Viscardi 2, Jon Bell 2. Totals: 21-11-54

3-Point goals: Herkimer 9 (Mondesir 4, Owens 3, Garland 1, Scott 1); Cayuga 1 (Curtis 1)


Herkimer 31-23 

Next Game: 11/7 vs. Jefferson 3 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro

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