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Generals run past Royals in season opener 90-76 » Herkimer Generals

Generals run past Royals in season opener 90-76

mbball 11 02 2012 FellerFloydHerkimer, NY – The Generals began their 2012-13 campaign with a convincing win over the visiting Schenectady CCC Royals. Coach Matt Lee's 2012 squad has considerably more height than in recent seasons. This team also has a great deal of basketball talent.

The game was one of the final events in Herkimer CCC's month of raising awareness of breast cancer and the need for more research. The Generals wore "Make strides to end breast cancer" sweatshirts during warmups. Stephanie Boucher, Director of Special Events for the American Cancer Society spoke a few succinct words. Then Jerome Floyd and Jon Feiler presented Director Boucher with a check for the donations raised by the various Herkimer breast cancer awareness efforts during the month.

Photo: Jon Feiler, left, and Jerome Floyd presenting the check to Stephanie Boucher

mbball 11 02 2012 DavisIt took the two teams a couple of minutes to get the initial points on the board, but from the opening jump it was clear that both squads were ready to run and give their best effort.

Veteran guard Jerome Floyd's 17' jumper gave the Generals a 5-4 lead. Freshman Jon Feiler's three-point play made it 8-4. Johnnie Davis added a point. Demetrius Mitchell drained the first of his four threes on the night, and Herkimer had a 12-4 lead. They controlled the game from that point on.

Herkimer built a 42-21 halftime lead. Mitchell and Feiler had combined for more than half of those points, with 11 each. However, the Generals' attack had clearly been a team effort, with every gold-shirted player quick to pass off to teammates in better positions.

Photo: Johnnie Davis drives and is about to be fouled

The home side added to their lead in the second half. Guard Jerome Floyd broke the 60-point barrier with an 18' shot that made the score 61-30.

mbball 11 02 2012 ThomasMike Thomas hit the 70-point mark with a thunderous dunk. The score was 70-42 with 12 minutes to play.

Photo: Mike Thomas drives for two

Johnnie Davis upped Herkimer's score to 80 with two free throws. Schenectady, however, kept chipping away. The Royals closed to 84-68. But the Generals were in charge of this contest. Finally, Peter Clark passed to Feiler whose putaway made the final score 90-76.

The Green & Gold got big games from several players, and more than a dozen Generals saw action. Freshman Feiler had a memorable debut. His 21 points were impressive, but more impressive was the coolness and soft touch he displayed in the paint.

Veterans Mitchell (14 points), Davis (13), and Dequan Jefferson (12) all had major roles in the win.

After the game, Head Coach Matt Lee was pleased with the win, but thought that the team let the Royals score too much later in the game. "We have to become a team that plays our game for all 40 minutes," stated Lee.

Fans will get a second look at this impressive team on Saturday when Herkimer hosts the SUNY Adirondack Timberwolves in a 1:00 game.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 13, Floyd 5, Whittingham 5, Mitchell 14, Brown 2, Young 2, Hunt 4, Campbell 2, Jefferson 12, Thomas 8, Feiler 21, Foden 2 - Total 90

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