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Generals charge past Cayuga 85-67 » Herkimer Generals

Generals charge past Cayuga 85-67

Herkimer, NY – The Herkimer Five began the game with an emphatic play and controlled the contest with Cayuga on Saturday afternoon. The final score was Generals 85-Spartans 67.

Herkimer's Jonathan Feiler won the opening jump; then Demetrius Mitchell and Dequan Jefferson worked a play that set the tone for the game. Mitchell took the ball down the right side and sent a perfect alley-oop pass up and beyond the rim. Jefferson leaped, grabbed the ball, and stuffed it through the hoop.

Senior Todd Hunt then sank the first of his three three-pointers for the day – this one from the left side. Jefferson sank a free throw, Feiler tallied two, and then Mitchell and Jefferson teamed up again for a second alley-oop. Herkimer led 10-2.

Photo: Dequan Jefferson slams an alley-oop pass into the basket – Demetrius Mitchell (lower right) sent the pass to Jefferson

mbball 12 02 2012 Jefferson

Head Coach Matt Lee worked several players into the game. Seven Generals scored in the first half. The most prolific of those seven was Johnnie Davis.

mbball 12 02 2012 FeilerDavis was a force in the first half. He sank jumpers. He fought his way up through traffic. He passed off to teammates who were in better positions. He scored 15 points in the opening 20 minutes.

Photo: Jon Feiler scores two in first-half play

The final offensives of the first half saw Davis scoring while being fouled and then adding the free throw. Then Herkimer's Kareem Brown was fouled while shooting. Brown sank both FTs, and Herkimer led 45-28 at the break.

The Generals scored the first eight points of the second half. Hunt hit for three from the right corner. Mitchell added another three. Feiler sank two free throws.

Cayuga trailed 53-28, but they played with the classic Spartan attitude – they never gave up. The visitors played hard to the end. In fact, while the Generals were scoring 40 second-half points, the Spartans tallied 39.

mbball 12 02 2012 MitchellPhoto: Demetrius Mitchell

The final score was 85-67, with 12 Generals contributing points.

Now the team must prepare for a major contest. SUNY Delhi is currently ranked second in the nation. Herkimer is currently at #11 on the national listing.

The Broncos will charge onto the Herkimer hardwood on Thursday night. Herkimer's women will host the Lady Broncos at 5:00 p.m., and the men's game will follow at 7:00.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 17, Cunningham 2, Whittingham 3, Brown 2, Mitchell 6, Clark 2, Hunt 11, Campbell 3, Lanieri 2, Jefferson 13, Thomas 10, Feiler 14 – Total 85


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