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Generals win battle of national title contenders » Herkimer Generals

Generals win battle of national title contenders

Herkimer, NY – The Generals played their biggest game of the season so far on Thursday evening. The undefeated SUNY Delhi Broncos, ranked #2 in the nation, stepped onto the Herkimer hardwood where they were dominated by Herkimer's devastating defense.

mbball 12 06 2012 FeilerThe nearly-full house was treated to a fantastic night of high-speed, high-intensity, defense-oriented basketball.

The Herkimer Five completely outplayed the visitors and earned a one-sided, 55-33 victory. The impressive win has changed the Region III landscape. For weeks, Delhi has been ranked #1 and Herkimer was #2 in the regional coaches' poll. Surely the Generals have now earned the top spot.

Most fans had anticipated a very close game, but Herkimer took control soon after the start, and the game was never close. Jon Feiler scored the game's first field goal. He added a putback, Dequan Jefferson sank a free throw, and Herkimer led 5-0.

It also became apparent that defense would control this game. Both teams were working hard and were hindering their opponent's offense, but the Generals' defense was superior.

Two Generals – Johnnie Davis and Jonathan Feiler – did most of Herkimer's first-half scoring. Davis sank a three and was a perfect five-for-five from the line, and Feiler scored four deuces and was two-for-two from the stripe. But defensive play was the hallmark of the Generals' dominant first half.

Photo: Jon Feiler scores in first-half play

Herkimer was ahead 9-6, then almost shut down the Delhi attack for the second 10 minutes of play. With 3:28 left in the half, Herkimer led 22-9. Delhi scored twice in the closing minutes, making the halftime score 24-15.

The Generals were the first to score in the second half. Jerome Floyd drove, faked, went up, and made the score 26-15.

Herkimer's defense was just as complete and effective in the second half as it had been in the first. And their scoring came from more players.

Seven Generals added points to Herkimer's second-half ledger. Standout Demetrius Mitchell sank two three-pointers in a row. Mitchell scored nine second-half points, Davis had seven, and Floyd had six.

Mitchell also went high to block a Delhi shot against the backboard. That play typified Herkimer's defensive efforts.

A final Mitchell three-pointer gave his team a 20-point lead, 47-27, with seven minutes to play. Head Coach Matt Lee's squad managed those minutes well, and the Generals closed out the game 55-33. It had been a memorable night of determination and great defense.

mbball 12 06 2012 FodenPhoto: Freshman Jason Foden scores two

Herkimer's record is now 9-1; Delhi's mark is 10-1.

After the game, Coach Lee had praise for his squad's defensive efforts. He also noted that the Broncos had played without one of their better shooters, and that he anticipates a substantial challenge when the two teams meet in Delhi later in the season.

The Generals will travel to Monroe CC for Saturday and Sunday contests in Monroe's invitational Pete Pavia Tournament. Herkimer will take on Division I Westchester on Saturday and Division II powerhouse Monroe on Sunday. Then they will begin their holiday break, and the season will resume in January.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 15, Floyd 8, Whittingham 3, Mitchell 9, Jefferson 6, Thomas 2, Feiler 10, Foden 2 – Total 55

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