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Generals roll past Clinton Cougars 82-58 » Herkimer Generals

Generals roll past Clinton Cougars 82-58

Plattsburgh, NY – The Herkimer Generals ended their long holiday break with a convincing 82-58 win over the Clinton CC Cougars on Tuesday night. The entire Herkimer performance was strong, but the game will be remembered for Demetrius Mitchell's fabulous first half.

mbball 01 08 2013 MitchellBoth teams opened the game with plenty of hustle. The home-standing Cougars stayed with the Generals for a while and actually led 22-19. Then senior guard Mitchell, who had been keying the offense from the opening jump, took his game from great to utterly remarkable.

The game began with freshman center Jon Feiler scoring Herkimer's first three field goals, two of which were set up by Mitchell. Then Mitchell hit for three from the left side. That was the first of what would become an amazing seven three-pointers that Mitchell would score in eight first-half attempts.

Mitchell netted 21 points in the half, and they were unselfishly scored. He continually passed off when teammates were in better positions. The prettiest play of the half was probably the sprint by Mitchell and Feiler that ended with Mitchell passing behind his head to Feiler, and Feiler finishing with two points that put Herkimer in front 14-12.

When the Cougars tallied a three for a 22-19 lead, Mitchell responded by sinking three all-net three's around one Clinton field goal, and suddenly the score was 28-24 Herkimer. Johnnie Davis tallied a two, Dequan Jefferson hit for three, Davis sank another FG, Mitchell hit yet another three, and Herkimer's lead became 14 points, 38-24.

Photo: Demetrius Mitchell sinks the sixth of his seven three-pointers

Mitchell was playing at such a high level that he added six more amazing points before halftime. His sixth three-pointer was a long one from the right of center. Then he ended the period with an exclamation point as he sank an even longer three as time ran out. The halftime score was 46-30 Herkimer.

Jefferson opened the second-half scoring with another three. Feiler added three field goals on power drives. The Generals led 54-30.

mbball 01 08 2013 FielerPhoto: Jon Fieler scoring two of his 19 points

Head Coach Matt Lee got every one of his players into the game. Nine different Generals scored. The Cougars never gave up, but the Generals were clearly in charge. They managed the clock, took care of business, and wrapped up the win.

The squad's season record is now 12-1. Their next outings will be a pair of home games this weekend when the Generals host the second annual Philly Tournament. The event will feature four teams: Division-I ASA College from Brooklyn and three D-III squads – Northhampton CC from Pennsylvania, Alfred State, and Herkimer.

The Generals will play Alfred State at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. That game will be followed by the ASA-Northhamption contest at 6:30. The Philly Tournament will conclude with the consolation game at noon on Sunday and the championship game at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. The tournament is being held in honor of Philly Aiello, with the goal of raising cerebral palsy awareness.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 9, Cunningham 2, Floyd 2, Whittingham 11, Mitchell 21, Jefferson 12, Thomas 4, Feiler 19, Young 2 – Total 82

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