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Generals edged by ASA in Philly title game » Herkimer Generals

Generals edged by ASA in Philly title game

Herkimer, NY – It was a game that either team could have won. With 2.3 seconds remaining, the Avengers of ASA College stopped the Generals' attack and gained a one-point victory in the Philly Tournament title game on Sunday afternoon.

mbball 01 13 2013 Hunt The fans were treated to a contest that was hard-fought and filled with athleticism from start to finish. The score was very close all day, as was the effort and determination of both teams.

Herkimer earned their way into the title game by defeating Alfred State 66-55 on Saturday. The Division-I Avengers also triumphed on Saturday, dispatching Northhampton CC 101-73. Saturday's losers met in the consolation game at noon on Sunday. That close affair was won by Alfred State, 70-64 in overtime.

The title game tipped off and Herkimer earned the early lead. A Dequan Jefferson free throw and two buckets by Jonathan Feiler put the Generals ahead 5-2.

Both teams played a high-energy game. There was a lot of full-speed basketball, and a lot of tight defense, but neither team seemed to be shooting with their usual effectiveness.

Photo: Todd Hunt is fouled while shooting – he sank both free throws

The visitors led by four late in the half when Jerome Floyd sank a three from the center of the arc. ASA upped their lead to four again. Johnnie Davis was fouled while shooting, and Davis – who is very good from the line – sank both FTs. The half ended with ASA leading 34-32.

The even play continued in the second half. With 14:45 to play, Jefferson made a three-point play and tied the score at 42-42.

The Generals then experienced a few minutes in which too many shots rimmed out. ASA led by six. But Herkimer hung in and managed to close the gap. With 2:27 on the clock, Jerome Floyd sank two free throws and tied the contest at 60-60.

The final minutes were as exciting as any fan could want. ASA led by three, but Herkimer's Feiler sank two from the line. 63-62.

mbball 01 13 2013 FeilerASA scored two for another three-point lead. Then Mike Thomas, who had already scored eight points, took a perfect pass from Demetrius Mitchell and scored a two. Herkimer trailed 65-64.

Photo: Jon Feiler twists and scores after taking a great pass from Jerome Floyd

Head Coach Matt Lee called a time out. The Generals gave it a great try, but with just over two ticks left on the clock, the Avengers stopped Herkimer's attack and won the game.

The loss was only Herkimer's second of the season, and both losses were to higher-division teams. The Generals' record in Division-III competition is 13-0.

The squad returns to action Tuesday evening for a 5:00 p.m. game at Columbia-Greene CC. They'll be on the road again Saturday, at Hudson Valley. The next home game will be one that no fan wants to miss: Mohawk Valley will visit Herkimer on Wednesday, January 23.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 6, Floyd 9, Mitchell 2, Hunt 5, Lanieri 4, Jefferson 16, Thomas 10, Feiler 12 – Total 64

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