Men’s Basketball triumphs over Twins

Hudson, NY – The tenacious Twins of Columbia-Greene Community College played on even terms with Herkimer until late in the first half; then the visitors took control of the game. The Generals went on to win their 14th victory of the campaign 66-48.

mbball 01 16 2013 MitchellThe contest began with Demetrius Mitchell connecting from behind the arc. Todd Hunt added another three. Dequan Jefferson tallied two. But the hosts kept pace and then some.

Columbia-Greene led for a few minutes and the Generals ran into a bit of a cold spell, but they worked their way through that. They started having success in getting the ball in to their big man, freshman Jonathan Feiler, and Feiler was scoring.

The Generals tied the game 19-19 when Mike Thomas made a long, beautiful drive to the hoop. Jefferson was fouled while shooting. He sank both free throws, and the Herkimer Five took the lead. They kept that lead and built on it.

Photo: Demetrius Mitchell sinks a three

Head Coach Matt Lee, as usual, substituted liberally. Eleven Generals got playing time, and all 11 contributed to the team effort. Steve Whittingham scored with a nice drive through the paint, Jefferson added a graceful reverse layup, and the half ended with Herkimer in front 28-21.

mbball 01 16 2013 FeilerThe second half began with Jerome Floyd finding Feiler for two, and then Hunt also fed Feiler for a pair. The visitors raised their lead to 11 when Johnnie Davis hit for three. Mitchell also sank a three, and Herkimer led 50-34.

Mitchell then took the ball up the right sideline, saw Jefferson heading for the hoop, made a perfect pass, and Jefferson stuffed it for an alley-oop two.

The game ended with Mitchell passing to Tony Lanieri, who drove for a basket and a 66-48 final score.

Photo: Jon Feiler scoring two after receiving a pass from Jerome Floyd

After the game Coach Lee expressed satisfaction with the outing. "It was a good win. The guys worked hard and were unselfish," stated Lee, adding "we made an effort to manage our mistakes tonight – to react well after making them."

The Generals are now 14-2 overall, and are undefeated in Division-III play. Their next game will be in the huge arena at Hudson Valley CC on Saturday afternoon.

Statistics. The names of four Generals are currently high up in the Region 3 statistics listings. Johnnie Davis has the region's third-best free-throw percentage: 83.8, and Demetrius Mitchell has the sixth-best three-point shooting mark: 43.3%. Jerome Floyd is the region's fifth-most prolific maker of assists, with 5.1 per game, and Jon Feiler is fifth in rebounds, with 9.2 per contest.

Floyd's and Feiler's impressive marks would be even higher if they were not playing on such a deep team. This Generals squad has excellent depth. Thus, Floyd and Feiler see less game time than they would if the team had less talent and depth. But basketball is not about individual stats; it's about team effort and team success. This season's Herkimer squad is a joy to watch because it has so many members who can get the job done while fitting into the team system.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 5, Floyd 2, Whittingham 2, Mitchell 8, Hunt 7, Lanieri 4, Jefferson 11, Thomas 8, Feiler 19 – Total 66

Photo: Dequan Jefferson dunks after taking a perfect alley-oop pass from Demetrius Mitchell

mbball 01 16 2013 Jefferson

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