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Herkimer wins low-scoring game at Hudson Valley 52-43 » Herkimer Generals

Herkimer wins low-scoring game at Hudson Valley 52-43

mbball 01 20 2013 FloydTroy, NY – The Herkimer Generals outplayed the Hudson Valley Vikings in a low-scoring but hard-fought contest in Troy on Saturday afternoon. The Herkimer Five earned a 52-43 victory.

The win came in Game One of what is the most challenging seven-day segment of the regular season. The Vikings were coming off a major upset – they had defeated a very good North Country team 74-57 at North Country on Wednesday, and they had that positive momentum as they took the floor to host the Generals.

Game Two will happen on Wednesday, when Herkimer hosts the strong squad from archrival Mohawk Valley. Finally, on Friday the Generals will travel to Delhi for a rematch with the Broncos. The current weekly coaches' poll has Herkimer ranked #1, Delhi #2, and North Country #3 among the 17 teams in Region III. Mohawk Valley is ranked #5.

Saturday's game tipped off with the hosts taking a 7-0 lead. Hudson Valley's spacious arena seats 4,000 for special events, but for regular games most of the seats are withdrawn, leaving vast open areas around the court. It's unlike any other basketball venue in Region III. Regardless, the Generals had to adjust to those surroundings.

Photo: Jerome Floyd sinking a three

Point guard Jerome Floyd got the Generals on the board with a three-pointer. Demetrius Mitchell stole the ball and scored. Todd Hunt sent a clever pass to Jonathan Feiler. Feiler scored, and the game was tied 7-7.

Johnnie Davis scored, and the Generals had a two-point lead. The Vikings re-took the lead, and soon the Generals trailed by six. Mike Thomas then sank two free throws and followed them with a power-up effort through traffic and a field goal. Mitchell sank a three, and Herkimer led 16-15. The tone of the game was set – one team would lead, but the other squad would stay close.

As halftime approached, Herkimer suffered a major loss. Dequan Jefferson is a team Captain and has had a stellar season, but he landed wrong and injured his ankle. He had to be helped off the court and was unable to play again on Saturday. His status is uncertain.

Mike Thomas sank a free throw in the final minute of the half, and the teams left the court with Herkimer in front by the unusually low score of 23-22.

The second half began with a lot of intense play, but little scoring. Davis was fouled while scoring a two-pointer. He sank the FT, and Herkimer led 26-24. (Ed. Note: Davis entered the game with the third-best free throw percentage in Region III, 83.8%, and he went three-for-three from the stripe on Saturday.)

mbball 01 20 2013 HuntPhoto: Todd Hunt hits for three

The HCCC offense had been quiet, but then some non-starting players brought it back to life. Mike Thomas scored on an alley-oop play. Jason Foden scored after some sharp passing by the Generals. (See video below.) Foden scored again from 10 feet out. Steve Whittingham scored on a nice drive and followed that with a three from the center of the arc. Anthony Lanieri talled two after more crisp passing.

Herkimer led 41-28, but the Vikings were relentless. They used threes and steals and closed the gap to 44-37.

Jerome Floyd lured the defense out, then passed to Feiler who drove for two. 48-37.

With 33.5 seconds left, Davis went to the foul line and scored with both efforts. The Generals led 50-40. Davis' sharp shooting virtually closed out the game.

Feiler added a final two points for Herkimer. The game ended 52-43.

The win raises HCCC's record to 15-2 overall. They are undefeated in Division-III play.

Now the Generals must prep for one of the biggest nights of the season when they host MV on Wednesday. The spring semester begins on Tuesday, so a full house is expected. Fans should arrive early for the 7:00 p.m. tipoff.

Nick Scribe, website writer

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