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Generals cruise past Corning 78-45 » Herkimer Generals

Generals cruise past Corning 78-45

mbball 01 28 2013 scoreboardHerkimer, NY – The Herkimer Generals took charge from the opening tip on Sunday afternoon. They scored early and often, they played tight defense, and they outplayed the visiting Red Barons of Corning Community College, winning 78-45.

Senior guard Steve Whittingham drove inside and tallied the first field goal. Dequan Jefferson added a free throw. Jonathan Feiler added two buckets. Demetrius Mitchell sank a nice three from the left side and then did it again from almost the same spot. The score was 13-0 Herkimer.

Photo: The scoreboard reflects the Generals' early control of the game

Both the Generals' scoring and their opponents' lack of it were important factors because the Herkimer Five were playing very tough, high-energy defense as well as finding several ways to score. The Herkimer defense was dominating.

mbball 01 28 2013 FeilerJefferson added a three. Mike Thomas sank a long three. All of the Generals were contributing at both ends of the court. By the end of the contest, 13 different Generals had earned a place on the scoresheet.

Midway through the first half, Corning was assessed a technical foul. Head Coach Matt Lee sent Whittingham to the line. Whittingham scored with both shots. 27-8 Herkimer. Feiler continued to contribute. He made the score 34-8 by leaping high and using both hands to carefully set the ball into the hoop.

The half ended with Mike Thomas going up to tip in a rebound. 41-18 Herkimer.

Photo: Jon Feiler tallies two

The Generals continued to play well defensively and offensively in the second half. The fans got to see some Generals who they don't see very often. Two of those players, Peter Clark and Sean Cunningham, came into the game and put 10 quick points on the board – Clark with two threes and Cunningham with two free throws followed by a steal-and-two.

mbball 01 28 2013 JeffersonHerkimer continued to play hard. The home team got a scare when Kareem Brown was knocked into the wall beyond the west end of the court. The tall freshman, however, appeared to be OK.

Photo: Dequan Jefferson scores two

The final score was 78-45.

The Generals are now 17-3. They play again Tuesday evening when they will host the Raiders of Fulton-Montgomery. The FM squad is a talented group that also plays with intensity.

Coach Lee was happy with the Generals' performance. After the game he explained that their goal for the day was to play hard defensively for all 40 minutes. He expressed his satisfaction with the players' efforts in that regard. He added, "We need to play tough to beat FM. We need to play hard regardless of how well we are playing."

Tuesday's tipoff is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. The men's game will follow a major women's encounter. The Lady Generals will host Mohawk Valley at 5:00. The Lady Hawks are currently ranked #1 in the region.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Cunningham 4, Floyd 2, Whittingham 10, Brown 3, Mitchell 11, Young 2, Clark 6, Hunt 5, Lanieri 4, Jefferson 9, Thomas 4, Feiler 16, Foden 2 – Total 78

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