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Generals victorious in great game at MV » Herkimer Generals

Generals victorious in great game at MV

Utica, NY – The Herkimer Generals and the Mohawk Valley Hawks played a great game on MV's home court on Tuesday evening. The Generals outscored the Hawks 72-65.

It was a festive evening of very good basketball. The home stands were filled nearly to capacity, and the visitors' section was completely packed with HCCC backers. Both crowds were loud in cheering on their teams. The slightly smaller visiting crowd seemed to be just as loud as the MV rooters.

mbball 02 12 2013 JeffersonDemetrius Mitchell got the first points of the night by scoring from behind the left side of the three-point line. MV put in two field goals. Both teams were working hard and playing good defense.

Dequan Jefferson scored a two, and then Jonathan Feiler added a three-point play. Herkimer led 8-7. Jefferson and Feiler would go on to be powerful offensive forces throughout the game. Jefferson would end up with 25 points, and Feiler would almost match him with 22.

The two squads played on nearly-even terms throughout the half. Todd Hunt's high leap and putback put HCCC in front 12-11and brought a thunderous roar from the crowd.

The Hawks went up 20-17, but a Feiler basket got the Generals within a point again. Both teams were working the ball well. Feiler added a putback dunk with eight minutes left in the half. Jefferson followed it with a two, and Herkimer led 26-23. Four minutes later, Jefferson scored on a great drive through the paint. (See photo above.) Then he sank a three from the center of the arc. And then he took a fine setup pass from Steve Whittingham and smashed an alley-oop through the rim. The crowd roared, and the scoreboard read 37-29 in Herkimer's favor.

Photo: Dequan Jefferson with one of his three alley-oop dunks

The half ended with the Hawks scoring a field goal and Herkimer's Johnnie Davis nailing a three from the left of center. Herkimer led 40-31 at the break.

It had been a grand 20 minutes of basketball. All of the Generals were playing well, but Dequan Jefferson was playing even better than the rest. Jefferson has had a great season, and the game at MV saw the Utica native performing at his highest level yet.

The second half got under way with the Hawks scoring the first four points. Then Feiler spun and scored, and Jerome Floyd set up Jefferson for his second alley-oop of the night. Mitchell hit a long three. Herkimer had built a 50-40 lead. But the Hawks were not about to give up.

mbball 02 12 2013 FloydThe home team stepped up their defense and stole the ball on four consecutive plays. Soon the Generals' 10-point lead was gone, and Herkimer trailed 53-50. The Hawks kept up the pressure, and with 7:20 left to play, the home team had a seemingly commanding 60-52 lead. Now it was time for the Generals to step up and get themselves back into the game. And they did.

Feiler hit for two. Floyd drove inside and scored a timely two. Mitchell sank a three. Mitchell scored again, then fed Feiler for two more. Herkimer was back in front 63-60. Any team that's down by 10 or so deserves credit for coming back and regaining the lead. Both the Hawks and the Generals did that in the second half.

Photo: Jerome Floyd scoring a timely two in the second half

Herkimer led 67-62 with 1:02 remaining. Jefferson was on his way to a fourth alley-oop when he took the pass and carefully set it in, almost in layup fashion. 69-62.

The Hawks got within five points, but could get no closer. It was fitting that the final points of the night were scored by Jefferson, who sank two free throws. Herkimer won this great game 72-65.

Head Coach Matt Lee had praise for both squads. "Both teams played well," stated Lee, adding, "We scored and they scored. It was a very good college basketball game, in a good environment. We were just fortunate enough to hit a couple of good shots near the end."

The 22-3 Generals have little time to rest. They will travel to Johnstown on Thursday to play the rugged Raiders of Fulton-Montgomery CC at 7:00 p.m. Their next home game will be on Saturday afternoon when they will tip off with Clinton CC at 2:00.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 5, Floyd 2, Mitchell 11, Hunt 5, Jefferson 25, Feiler 22, Foden 2 – Total 72

mbball 02 12 2013 visitors

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