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Generals end stellar regular season with 81-59 win » Herkimer Generals

Generals end stellar regular season with 81-59 win

Schenectady, NY – The Herkimer Five closed out their regular season with a 22-point win at Schenectady CCC on Saturday afternoon. The Generals opened their offensive with an impressive scoring barrage, survived a second-half offensive wobble, and secured a near-perfect regional record.

mbball 02 24 2013 FeilerDequan Jefferson opened the scoring with a three-pointer. Todd Hunt tossed in a two. Jefferson netted two more. Jonathan Feiler scored a field goal. Demetrius Mitchell set up Jefferson for a sweet alley-oop dunk. Mitchell hit a three. Herkimer led 17-7 with the game not yet five minutes old.

Feiler again. Mitchell with two more threes. Johnnie Davis scored from the line, and the score was 26-15 Herkimer, with 10:08 still to play in the half. The Generals had played those first 10 minutes at a more than 100-point pace.

Photo: Jon Feiler attacking

Head Coach Matt Lee's team was playing well. They were doing a very good job of rebounding, blocking shots, stealing the ball, and scoring. With five minutes left in the half, Herkimer was leading a scrappy and talented Royals team by 26 points. A nice two by Anthony Lanieri and a Schenectady free throw ended the first 20 minutes. Herkimer led 43-20.

The Generals took the floor for the second half, but they did not bring their offense with them. The Royals were swarming, and the visitors could not score for a while. Finally Peter Clark drained two free throws and Rushon Young scored from the floor, restoring Herkimer's 20-point lead.

That big lead was short lived. The Royals ran and worked and cut the lead in half, at 47-37.

mbball 02 24 2013 MitchellHerkimer got things going again and started to look like themselves once more. Mitchell was the catalyst, with a nice three from the left side. Jerome Floyd, Feiler, and Jefferson added free throws. Mitchell scored on a breakaway. Herkimer led 57-43.

Photo: Demetrius Mitchell sinks a three

The Royals never gave up, but the Generals had taken control of the contest. A three-pointer by Canaan Campbell and free throws by Floyd and Young ended the scoring. Herkimer won 81-59.

The win capped the Generals' magnificent regular season. They won 90% of their games, posting a 27-3 overall record. Their record among Region 3 teams in Division III play is 24-1. SUNY Delhi has the next-best record in regional competition, 22-3.

The Region 3 championship tournament begins on Friday, at SUNY Delhi. The Generals may well be the #1 seed. As soon as the official seedings are announced, this website will post them.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Davis 9, Floyd 5, Whittingham 2, Mitchell 17, Young 3, Clark 2, Hunt 3, Campbell 3, Lanieri 2, Jefferson 12, Thomas 3, Feiler 19, Foden 1 – Total 81

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