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Generals beat Buccaneers, finish third in national tourney » Herkimer Generals

Generals beat Buccaneers, finish third in national tourney

Loch Sheldrake, NY – The Herkimer Five took the lead halfway through the first half and proved to be the better team from that point on. The Generals defeated the MassBay Buccaneers 77-66 on Saturday evening, proving that they are among the very best D-III teams in the nation. The win gave HCCC third place in the national championship tournament.

The game was another slow starter. After four-plus minutes, the score was 6-6. The Bucs moved out to a 12-8 lead, but Dequan Jefferson sank a free throw, Jonathan Feiler took a feed from Demetrius Mitchell and scored, Jefferson sank two more FTs, and the Generals led 13-12. That segment of the game was a preview of the big production that was to come from Jefferson, Mitchell, and Feiler.

MassBay is a strong team. They entered the tourney ranked fifth in the nation – just one spot below Herkimer's #4. The Bucs kept working and tied the game 21-21. Mike Thomas fed Feiler, who dunked for two. The Bucs tied it again.

Jefferson followed two nice free throws with a three-pointer. Mitchell hit for three from the left side. Jerome Floyd sank two FTs, and Herkimer led 33-23. They closed out the first 20 minutes with a 33-25 lead.

The Bucs came close to tying Herkimer on several more occasions, but whenever they did, some General came up with a big statement score. Often that General was one of the big three scorers, but sometimes it was Floyd or Todd Hunt or Steve Whittingham. For example, things were getting tense midway through the second half when the Bucs closed to within six and were clearly gaining momentum. Whittingham then drained a three, Herkimer was again up by nine, and the Generals were once again in control.

Jefferson and Mitchell deserve special praise for their determined efforts, and Jefferson deserves a major salute. Jefferson sank nine FTs in 10 attempts in the first half. For the game he was six-for-seven from the floor, and tallied a total of 27 standout points. Mitchell hit six big shots in nine attempts from behind the arc. Feiler was also a force in all of his 30 minutes on the court. He led the team in rebounds (7) while scoring 18 points.

The win finished Herkimer's remarkable season. They won 32 games while losing only four – two of which were to D-I and D-II teams. They won the Region 3 championship. They earned third place in the national championship tournament and they came within seconds of playing in the championship game.

It has been a joy for this writer to watch the team this season. Their athleticism, effort, team depth, and cohesion were all truly memorable. Much credit is due to Head Coach Matt Lee and his staff. Saturday's win was Lee's 238th victory at the Herkimer helm.

Nick Scribe, website writer

[ Ed. Note, March 17: The national championship game was played after HCCC's game. Brookdale CC of Lincroft, NJ defeated Eastfield College of Mesquite, TX 61-55. The Jersey Blues are the national champions. On Friday, Herkimer led Brookdale with seconds left to play, but the Blues edged the Generals 72-69. Congratulations to the Jersey Blues of Brookdale CC. ]


Herkimer 33-44-77

MassBay 25-41-66

Herkimer Scoring: Hunt 3, Floyd 7, Jefferson 27, Whittingham 3, Feiler 18, Mitchell 19 – Total 77

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