2015 All Region- Trevor Marston

 2017 All Region- Brendan Budd

 2020 All Conference- Tim Cloonan 

 2020 All Region- Tim Cloonan 

Herkimer College Men's Bowling was named 2019-2020 NJCAA Academic Team of the Year.

 Herkimer College is one of only 18 two-year colleges in the nation offering both competitive conference and USBC Invitational bowling. Herkimer is in the largest and most competitive NJCAA bowling conference in the United States, with both regional and national competition. 

Why bowl for Herkimer College?

In addition to the fact that we offer one of the best bowling programs in the nation among two-year schools, we provide excellent coaching, produce All-Conference athletes, and offer the opportunity to compete with bowlers from all over the United States.

Herkimer College provides truly outstanding academic support and takes great pride in ensuring our students succeed and reach their transfer goals. We’re ranked among the top 100 community colleges in the country for student success, due to our high graduation and transfer rates, and our athletes benefit from a wide array of academic support services.

Interested in joining our team?

To find out more about the Herkimer College bowling team, contact Coach DeLuca by calling (315) 266-7759; or email at

To learn more about attending Herkimer College, contact Admissions by calling 315-866-0300 x8278 or e-mail and schedule a visit.

Be sure to tell the admissions advisor of any sports teams you may be interested in so they can arrange meetings with coaches or players.

We look forward to meeting you!

Men's Bowling