Diverse competitive opportunities, excellent training and coaching, and a family atmosphere all contribute to the remarkable experience enjoyed by Herkimer College cross country runners. We also have some of the highest graduation and transfer rates of all the community colleges in the country, so student-athletes can expect success both on and off the course.


Men’s Cross Country


2015 - 3rd Team; Norman Clayton (28:40)

 2002 - 3rd Team; Leif Schmidt (28:41)


All-Region Team

2019- Wakeem Medina (29:15.48) and Lewis Lewis (29:45.78)            

2018- Jake Baisley (32:15.8)                       

2017- Jake Baisley (30:35) and Kyle Holmes (31:10)                    

2016 -Kyle Holmes (31:41) and Brandon Rawson (32:10)

2015 - Norman Clayton (31:06)

2013 - Sam Morrett (29:21)

Mountain Valley Conference Team Champions


Mountain Valley All-Conference Team

2019 Wakeem Medina (23:48.8)*, Andrew Yacobucci (24:00.3)* and Lewis Lewis (24:29.8)*               

2018- Jake Baisley (24:09)*                             

2017- Jake Baisley (23:55)* and Kyle Holmes (24:37)*  

2016- Brandon Rawson (23:05)* and Kyle Homes (23:26)*


2014 - Samuel Morrett (22:18)*

2013 - Brandon Rawson (22:45) *and Sam Morrett (23:00)*

*4 miles


Why run cross country for Herkimer College?

The cross country program at Herkimer College is catered to the individual athlete. Personalized workout plans are set up depending on the athlete's conditioning level, to help each student achieve the maximum results. Weekly practices provide well-rounded athletics and consist of distance training, interval training, pace workouts, pool workouts and circuit training. Our team is extremely dedicated and students typically arrive back to Herkimer one week prior to the start of the semester.

The cross country program has the unique ability to compete against all facets of the running world. Herkimer College runs against Division III competition, which includes Utica College, SUNY IT, SUNY Oswego and Williams & Smith College, as well as top local competition by participating in Utica's Falling Leaves Road Race. Each week our runners compete at multiple competition levels with the intention of gearing the athlete to have a peak performance at the end of the season when they run the Mountain Valley Conference, Regional, and National Championship courses.

Interested in joining our team?

To find out more about the Herkimer College cross country team, contact Coach Sydoriw by calling (315) 866-0300 ext. 8429 or via e-mail at

To learn more about attending Herkimer College, contact Admissions by calling 315-866-0300 x8278 or e-mail and schedule a visit.

Be sure to tell the admissions advisor of any sports teams you may be interested in so they can arrange meetings with coaches or players.

We look forward to meeting you!

Men's Cross Country