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Win streak ends against Lazers at home » Herkimer Generals
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Win streak ends against Lazers at home

HERKIMER, NY – The #7 Herkimer Generals men’s lacrosse team took on their second nationally ranked opponent at home Wednesday (4/15), losing 27-5 to #1 Onondaga at Wehrum Stadium, giving the team a 1-1 record against ranked opponents.

Herkimer (7-2) conceded 11 goals within the first 10 minutes of play before netting their first goal of the game. Sophomore Jeremy Mowrey (Johnstown, NY) connected with Cristian Ojeda (Ossining, NY) to make it 11-1. It was Mowrey’s 28th goals and Ojeda’s fifth assist of the season.

Netting the team’s second goal of the game was Kyle Lee (Cincinnati, OH) to make it 12-1. It was Lee’s 35th goal of the season, totaling two points in the game after he connected with Mowrey in the third to make it 20-3.

Ojeda and Ryan Fischer (Monroe, NY) were the final two Generals to score in the game, both in the second half. It was Ojeda’s 12th and Fisher’s 23rd goal of the season.

Up next for Herkimer on Saturday, April 18th in Tompkins-Cortland Community College. The Panthers are 6-6 and 3-2 in their last five games. The scheduled start time between these team’s is 12 p.m.


Onondaga (12-0) 27

Herkimer (7-2) 5

Lazers 12 7 3 5 | 27

Generals 2 0 2 1 | 5



Sean Lattimore 3G

Kyle Killen 3G 2A

Brine Rice 3G

Parrish Young 2G 1A

Nick Sawyer 2G 2A

Matt Bennett 2G

Justin Hussey 1G

Seth Leonard 1G 1A

Nicholas Garbarino 1G 2A

Brady Hoose 1G 1A

Tyler Griffo 1G

Dalton Wenzel 1G

Chandler Allen 1G

Joseph Ondrako 1G


Jeremy Mowrey 2G

Kyle Lee 1G 1A

Cristian Ojeda 1G 1A

Ryan Fischer 1G



Austin Loeffel 9 saves

Mario Diaz 16 saves

Next Game: 4/18 at Tompkins-Cortland 12 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro

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