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Generals remain undefeated against conference Wednesday » Herkimer Generals

Generals remain undefeated against conference Wednesday

(Justin Flint scored a season-high six goals against the Vikings on Wednesday).

(James Redpath III had got his second hat trick of the season Wednesday at home).

HERKIMER, NY – Corralling their second straight 20-goal performance at home on Wednesday (4/4), the Herkimer Generals men’s lacrosse team stopped a two-game losing streak by defeating Hudson Valley in regulation at Wehrum Stadium 20-6.

Herkimer (4-4, 2-0) did find themselves down early, letting the first goal of the game go against them with 11:29 remaining in the first quarter. It stayed a 1-0 Viking lead for another four minutes until Justin Flint (Endicott, NY) scored on an assist from Jon Wilkins (Norwalk, CT). From there, the Generals ripped off four unanswered goals to end the quarter up 5-1. Netting goals besides Flint were Ryan Fischer (Monroe, NY), Cavanagh Rigby (Bexley, OH) and James Redpath III (Rome, NY).

Hudson Valley managed to get within three of a tie (5-2) after netting the first goal of the second quarter, but like the first, Herkimer scored seven unanswered goals to help them go into halftime with a 10 goal lead (12-2). Netting seven of the 12 first half goals were Flint and Fischer. Each had a hat trick within the first 30 minutes of play, watching Flint finish with a season-high six goals and one assist, while Fischer accumulated his fourth hat trick of the season, also adding four assists.

It ballooned to a 16-goal lead after the Generals netted six more goals in the third, Flint had two of them while Redpath III, Zimmerman, Rigby and Jamar Minto (Long Island, NY) each had one. The bleeding for Hudson Valley ended in the fourth when they outscored Herkimer 4-to-2, but it wasn’t enough as they lost by 14 at the end of regulation.

Splitting time is goal for Herkimer was Charles Rosaschi (Highland Mills, NY) and Kyle Brown (Oriskany, NY). Rosaschi got the start and played for 38 minutes. In that time he saved eight shots. As for Brown, he appeared in the final 22 minutes, saving three shots in that time period.

Up next for Herkimer in their second to last away game of the regular season is Onondaga. The Lazers are ranked No. 2 overall nationally and have won their last five games in a row. The Generals will face the Lazers on Saturday (4/13) at 4 p.m.


Herkimer Generals 20, Hudson Valley Vikings 6


Herkimer 12-2

GENERALS (4-4, 2-0) Justin Flint 6-1, Ryan Zimmerman 4-2, Ryan Fisher 3-4, James Redpath III 3-0, Cavanagh Rigby 2-0, Jon Wilkins 1-3, Jamar Minto 1-0, David Fahr 0-2, Max Mandel 0-1.

VIKINGS (0-5, 0-1) Nate Ryan 3-1, Chris Breault 2-0, John LaMonica 1-0.


Charles Rosaschi – HERK – 8 saves

Kyle Brown – HERK – 3 saves

Jahn Skinner-Ligon – HVCC – 12 saves 

Next Game: 4/13 at Onondaga 4 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro

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