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Saranac joins Generals in ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

UTICA, NY – In an effort to create awareness for individuals with heart ailments, Herkimer College, Saranac Brewery and the band ‘Showtime’ have joined forces. On Thursday, July 10th raise four fingers, literally, and help the Generals create more awareness with their #4Pete Twitter campaign at this week’s Saranac Thursday, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Peter McAvoy was pivotal in helping Herkimer win their 10th NJCAA DIII National Championship in 2013 under Head Coach Pepe Aragon. The sophomore passed away last spring due to heart complications, resulting in both national and international exposure. McAvoy wore jersey #4 and the men’s soccer team will look to win their fourth consecutive championship this coming fall. In an effort to pay tribute, #4Pete began. All over the world supporters have simply taken photos with four fingers held up and posted them to their social media profiles in reference to McAvoy.

Join in on the support this week at the brewery and receive a stick-on tattoo at the entrance. The tattoo is the number four written in text using McAvoy’s favorite song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. During the first intermission a photo will be taken to keep the awareness alive, adding to the thousands of posts already published as a result of #4Pete. We hope you join us in this endeavor!

-Giorgio Varlaro

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