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General Swimming & Diving Compete in Region III Championships

Rochester, NY-- The Herkimer Generals swimming and diving team competed in the Region III tournament this past weekend hosted by Monroe Community College.  Monroe being a powerhouse for the last 17 seasons did not earn the top spot this year as Genesee took over at number 1.  Herkimer aided in this by defeating Monroe in select events to knock them down in points.  The Generals finished 4th in the Region for Men, and 5th in the Region for Women.  Head Coach Vicki Brown told her team before the tournament, "I'm proud of you for all you have striven for this season; the goals we have accomplished, but most of all the people you have become.  Give your best every time out there, you best may not be the same each day but give it everything you have in each moment."

Region 3/Northeast District Champion: Nicholas Herrlett in men’s 1 & 3 meter diving (Back to back Regional Champion in both events!)

School Records Set: Jensen VanNostrand (200 IM), Nicholas Herrlett (3 meter), Daniela Barrera (50 BA)


Meet Highlights:


Friday Prelims:      6 best times achieved

Friday Finals:         14 best times achieved, 1 school record set, 14 top 12 finishes

5th - Women’s 200 FR Relay

6th: Men’s 200 FR Relay

7th: Dan Rawl, 500 FR

6th: Nick Lanckton, 500 FR

4th: Jensen VanNostrand, 200 IM (school record set)

12th: Chyanna Bernier, 50 FR

11th: Ronzell Walker, 50 FR

2nd: Cam Roten, 50 FR

4th: Jake Cardinal, 50 FR

5th: Women’s 400 Medley Relay

5th: Men’s 400 Medley Relay

1st: Nicholas Herrlett, 1 meter diving

4th: Patrick Fleming, 1 meter diving

3rd: Morgan Boone, 1 meter diving


Saturday Prelims: 10 best times achieved

Saturday Finals:    11 best times achieved, 2 school records set, 15 top 12 finishes

                                                6th: Women’s 200 Medley Relay (school record set by Daniela in 50 BA)

                                                5th: Men’s 200 Medley Relay

                                                5th: Daniela, 100 FLY

                                                9th: Dan, 100 FLY

                                                8th: Chyanna, 200 FR

                                                6th: Jake, 200 FR

                                                9th: Morgan, 100 BR

                                                10th: Nicholas, 100 BR

                                                6th: Austin Jory, 100 BR

                                                11th: Harlie Christian, 100 BA

                                                6th: Daniela, 100 BA

                                                5th: Cam, 100 BA

                                                4th: Women’s 800 FR Relay (dropped 50 seconds!)

                                                4th: Men’s 800 FR Relay (dropped 34 seconds!)

                                                1st: Nicholas, 3 meter diving (school record set)


Sunday Prelims:    11 best times achieved

Sunday, Finals:      11 best times achieved, 13 top 12 finishes

                                                3rd: Jensen, 200 BA

                                                6th: Jake, 200 BA

                                                12th: Mai Han, 100 FR

                                                6th: Daniela, 100 FR

                                                11th: Austin, 100 FR

                                                5th: Cam, 100 FR

                                                10th: Morgan, 200 BR

                                                5th: Chyanna, 200 BR

                                                9th: Austin, 200 BR

                                                7th: Nick, 200 BR

                                                3rd: Jensen, 200 FLY

                                                5th:  Men’s 400 FR Relay

                                                5th: Nick Lanckton, 1650 FR


Herkimer earned 63 best times during the weekend.


Women finished 6th overall, 5th in the Region

Men finished 4th overall, 4th in the Region 

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