swim 12 06 2013
Kristina Reynolds broke her second school record this season, this time in the 200 yd. Fly.

Reynolds breaks school-record, women finish 5th in Monroe

HERKIMER, NY – The Herkimer Swimming and Diving team had a busy weekend at Monroe Community College, swimming in 15 events from Friday thru to Sunday. When all 40 events were finished, our Men's team finished in eighth place (six points) and our women finished in fifth place (186 points).

For the women, who had 11 Top 5 finishes, Kaitlin Winnie (Accord, NY), Erin Hutchison (Macedon, NY), Alexandra Whalen (New Hartford, NY) and Kristina Reynolds (Sherburne-Earlville, NY) swam well. The Top 5 finishes came in the 50 yd. Freestyle (5th place), 400 yd. Medley Relay (5th place), 200 yd. Medley Relay (4th place), 400 yd. Individual Medley (5th place), 100 yd. Backstroke (3rd place), 800 yd. Freestyle Relay (3rd place), 200 yd. Backstroke (4th place), 100 yd. Freestyle (2nd place), 200 yd. Breaststroke (4th place), 200 yd. Butterfly (4th place) and 400 yd. Freestyle Relay (5th place).

Swimming in the 50 yd. Freestyle was Winnie (27.79); 400yd. Medley Relay was Whalen, Hutchison, Reynolds and Winnie (5:12.66); 200 yd. Medley Relay was Whalen, Hutchison, Reynolds and Winnie (2:21.50); 400 yd. Individual Medley was Hutchison (5:49.73); 100 yd. Backstroke was Reynolds (1:10.45); 800 yd. Freestyle Relay was Winnie, Whalen, Reynolds and Hutchison (9:55.95); 200 yd. Backstroke was Reynolds (2:30.07); 100 yd. Freestyle was Winnie (1:01.45); 200 yd. Breaststroke was Hutchison (3:15.55); 200 yd. Butterfly was Reynolds (2:36.04); and 400 yd. Freestyle Relay was Winnie, Reynolds, Whalen and Hutchison (4:37.47).

Breaking her second school record this season was Reynolds. In the 200 yd. Fly. She did it in preliminaries, then again in the final results, posting a top time of 2:36.04.

For the men, they had David Stanley (Bronx, NY) and Brandon Paul (Gloversville, NY) compete in the 100 yd. Backstroke and 100 yd. Freestyle. Stanley finished the 100 yd. Backstroke in 1:09.36 (12th place), while Paul finished the 100 yd. Freestyle in 56.09 (8th place).

The Generals next meet is on Saturday, January 18th, almost five weeks away. The team will travel to Monroe Community College again, with a start time of 1 p.m.


  • 100 yd. Backstroke (12th place 1:09.36) Stanley
  • 100 yd. Freestyle (8th place 56.09) Paul


  • 50 yd. Freestyle (5th place 27.79) Winnie
  • 500 yd. Freestyle (7th place 6:34.92) Hutchison
  • 400 yd. Medley Relay (5th place 5:12.66) Whalen, Hutchison, Reynolds, Winnie
  • 200 yd. Medley Relay (4th place 2:21.50) Whalen, Hutchison, Reynolds, Winnie
  • 400 yd. Individual Medley (5th place 5:49.73) Hutchison
  • 200 yd. Freestyle (12th place 2:45.00) Whalen
  • 100 yd. Backstroke (3rd place 1:10.45; 7th place 1:13.21; 11th place 1:25.07) Reynolds, Winnie, Whalen
  • 800 yd. Freestyle Relay (3rd place 9:55.95) Winnie, Whalen, Reynolds, Hutchison
  • 200 yd. Backstroke (4th place 2:30.07, 8th place 3:05.68) Reynolds, Whalen
  • 100 yd. Freestyle (2nd place 1:01.45) Winnie
  • 200 yd. Breaststroke (4th place 3:15.55) Hutchison
  • 200 yd. Butterfly (4th place 2:36.04) Reynolds
  • 400 yd. Freestyle Relay (5th place 4:37.47) Winnie, Reynolds, Whalen, Hutchison

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