Herkimer Men's and Women's Track and Field opens at St Lawrence Invite

Canton, NY - The Herkimer Generals Men's and Women's Track and Field teams opened their outdoor seasons at the St. Lawrence University Ice Breaker Invitational on Saturday in Canton, NY. The results from the meet are as follows:

Men: Had a great showing placing 3rd out of 5 teams

St Lawrence 224, Plattsburgh St 124, Herkimer 95, Castleton 62, Potsdam 11

Top performer of the day was:

Ricky Patterson 1st in High jump 1.90m (meet record), 1st in long jump 6.46m (meet record), 2nd 1600m Relay, 4th in 200m


100m:   4th  Jordan Edmonds 11.50/11.73 Regionals                                    Shot: 8th  Nate Florian 10.87

               9th  Rin Ebina 12.06/12.37                                                                              10th Teo Smith 7.86m

              11th Keijounia Thomas 12.13                                                                          11th Mike Cardiff 7.39m

              16th Kenny Joseph 12.63                                                                                  12th Bryan Derello 6.12

              20th Carter Hester 13.20

                                                                                                                                 Discus: 9th  Teo Smith 23.53

200m:   2nd   Jordan Edmonds 23.73                                                                               10th Bryan Derello 17.15

              4th   Ricky Petterson 24.20                                                                                  11th Mike Cardiff 16.96

              11th Keijounia Thomas 25.11

              17th Lewis Lewis 26.07                                                                           Hammer: 7th  Nate Florian 27.48 Regionals

              18th Carter Hester 27.09                                                                                                        10th Teo Smith 18.82


400m    4th Jacob Slaughter 55.34                                                                      Javelin: 7th Nate Florian 26.59

                                                                                                                                                9th Bryan Derello 10.98

800m:   11th Andrew Yacobucci 2:09.55


110HH: 7th Kyler Ford 21.02/20.37


400H:    2nd Kyler Ford 1:13.62


400m Relay: 4th Ebina, Joseph, Thomas, Edmonda 45.79 Regionals


1600m Relay: 2ndEdmonds, Patterson, Lewis, Yacobucci 3:41.43 Regionals


High Jump: 1st Ricky Patterson 1.90 Regionals/Nationals/Meet Record

                     5th Lewis Lewis 1.70 Regionals

                     6th Jordan Edmonda 1.65 Regionals

                     7th Kenny Joseph 1.65 Regionals


Long Jump: 1st   Ricky Patterson Regionals/Nationals/Meet Record

                     4th   Rin Ebina 5.69

                     5th   lewis Lewis 5.64

                     7th   Jacob Slaughter 5.52

                     10th Kenny Joseph 5.09

                     11th Jordan Edmonda 4.92


Triple Jump:  1st Lewis Lewis 12.20 Regionals/Meet Record

                        3rd Jacob Slaughter 11.39m


 Women: 4th out of 5 teams

St Lawrence 217, Plattsburgh St 184, Castleton 39, Herkimer 20, Potsdam 13

Top Performer of the day: Ashley Bosco Qualified for regionals in Shot and hammer and Nationals in the hammer

100m: 12th Liberty Zamarripas 14.94

            13th Miyah Stroman 15.12

            14th Amanda Mascia 15.30

            15th Kaiitlyn Behan 16.40

            16th Pat Fernandez 18.53


200m: 6th   Amina Mohamed 29.62

            12th Liberty Zamarripas 31.96

            16th Pat Fernandez 40.54


400m: 6th Amina Mohamed 1:16.97


800m: 12th Kaitlyn Baudendistel 3:11.40


1500m: 10th Kaitlyn Baudendistel 7:00.95


100HH: 5th Malerie Belles 21.47


400m Relay: 4th 58.44 (Belles, Mascia, Zamarripas, Mohammed) Regionals


1600m Relay: 5th 5:25.48 (Belles, Mohammed, Baudendistel, Behan)


High Jump: 4th Malerie Belles 1.35 Regionals


Long jump: 12th Liberty Zamarripas 3.60

                     13th Kate Behan 3.10


Shot: 6th   Ashley Bosco 11.05 Regionals/Nationals

          17th Liz Calicchia 6.44


Discus: 18th Ashley Bosco 19.88

              19th Liz Calicchia 14.12


Javelin: 18th Ashley Bosco 18.24

              19th Malerie Belles 17.75

              20th Liz Calicchia 15.72


Hammer: 17th Ashley Bosco 26.00 Regionals

                  19th Liz Calicchia 15.10




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