Numerous top finishes at Bronco Classic

(Herkimer's Jack Minasi leaped for second in the high jump Wednesday, reaching 1.90m for the Generals).

DELHI, NY – The Herkimer Generals Track & Field team competed in their second meet Wednesday (4/16) before a two day meet at Cortland on Friday.

The men had numerous Top 5 finishes which included seven first and second place finishes. First place finishes went to Jack Minasi (Newport, NY) and Elijah Dones (New Paltz, NY). Minasi did it in the long jump, leaping 6.69 meters, while Dones did it in the javelin throw. The sophomore threw 36.73 meters.

Second place finishes were earned in the 100-meter dash, 4x400-meter dash, 4x800-meter dash, high jump, shot put and hammer throw. Chris Simmons (Utica, NY) ran a 11.14 in the 100. Demetrius Moore (Cleveland, OH), Sam Morrett (Cohoes, NY), Simmons and Daniel Thomas (Coton, UK) combined for a 3:41.24 in the 4x400. Morrett, Philip Tanner (Deposit, NY), Jace LaPuma (Little Falls, NY) and Josh Paoni (Herkimer, NY) combined for a 10:09.04 in the 4x800. Minasi leaped 1.90 meters in the long jump. Dones threw the shot put 12.49m and Evan Whitted (Dryden, NY) threw the discus 33.28 meters.

As for the women, they had had three first place finishes in the 800-meter run, 4x400-meter relay and discus throw. Shiena Kimura (Tokyo, Japan) ran a 2:53.14 in the 800. Victoria Campanian (Glenfield, NY), Luaisha Charles (Middletown, NY), Katrina Murray (Rochester, NY) and Maxine Grogan (Herkimer, NY) then combined to run a 5:16.84 in the relay and Trianna Gibbs (Queens, NY) threw 28.42 meters with the discus.

As for second place finishes, they were captured by Katrina Murray in the 100-meter dash (14.34), Lindsay Therrien (Johnstown, NY) in the 100-meter high hurdles (18.14), Gibbs in the shot put (9.35m) and Grogan in the javelin throw (26.32m).

Herkimer’s next meet is a two day event at the SUNY Cortland Classic in Cortland, NY this Friday (4/17) and Saturday (4/18). Competition is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Saturday.


100-meter Dash (2nd 11.14, 4th 11.54, 8th 12.04, 9th 12.14, 12th 12.24, 13th 12.44, 15th 13.04) Simmons, Williams, Cohen, Almonte, Domasin, Ciaccia

200-meter Dash (3rd 22.84, 8th 24.14, 10th 24.24, 15th 25.14, 17th 25.34, 18th 26.14, 20th 27.34, 21st 27.54, 22nd 27.74) Simmons, Cohen, Thomas, Almonte, Domasin, Johnson, Gibbs, Jones, Palmer

400-meter Dash (3rd 53.94, 4th 55.74, 7th 56.94, 11th 1:02.34, 12th 1:04.94, 13th 1:07.94) Moore, Rideau, Thomas, Johnson, Palmer, Luctama

800-meter Run (10th 2:18.24, 11th 2:22.74) Clayton, Ashe

1500-meter Run (3rd 4:27.64, 6th 4:42.14, 12th 5:05.74, 15th 5:11.14, 16th 5:27.74) Morrett, Clayton, Tanner, Ashe, Paoni

110-meter Hurdles (4th 18.44) Potter

4x400-meter Relay (2nd 3:41.24, 4th 3:59.34) Moore, Morrett, Simmons, Thomas; Rideau, Cohen, Gibbs, Potter

4x800-meter Run (2nd 10:09.04) Morrett, Tanner, LaPuma, Paoni

High Jump (2nd 1.90m, 5th 1.80m, 6th 1.65m, 7th 1.60m) Minasi, Williams, Simmons, Potter

Long Jump (1st 6.69m, 4th 6.03m, 5th 6.01m, 6th 5.97m, 7th 5.83m, 8th 5.83m, 9th 5.27m) Minasi, Simmons, Ciaccia, Williams, Potter, Rideau, Johnson

Triple Jump (3rd 13.00m, 5th 12.80m, 6th 12.29m, 7th 12.02m, 8th 11.86m, 9th 10.72m) Minasi, Simmons, Rideau, Potter, Ciaccia, Johnson

Shot Put (2nd 12.49m, 4th 12.04m, 7th 8.33m) Dones, Whitted, Allen

Discus Throw (2nd 33.28m, 4th 30.76m, 23.00m, 7th 20.79m) Whitted, Dones, Wynn, Allen

Hammer Throw (5th 21.27m, 6th 19.54m) Dones, Whitted

Javelin Throw (1st 36.73m, 2nd 35.16m, 6th 29.75m) Dones, Whitted Wyn  


100-meter Dash (2nd 14.34, 3rd 14.94) Murray, Charles

200-meter Dash (3rd 30.34) Murray

800-meter Run (1st 2:53.14) Kimura

1500-meter Run (5th 6:06.24, 7th 6:11.14, 9th 6:57.94, 10th 7:29.54) Shimoda, Kimura, Inose, Yamamoto

100-meter Hurdles (2nd 18.14) Therrien

4x400-meter Relay (1st 5:16.84) Campanian, Charles, Murray, Grogan

Long Jump (4th 3.93m, 5th 3.92m, 6th 3.24m) Charles, Therrien, Grogan

Shot Put (2nd 9.35m, 5th 6.75m) Gibbs, Charles

Discus Throw (1st 28.42m, 4th 22.98m, 6th 17.10m, 7th 9.90m) Gibbs, Grogan, Nowack, Charles

Hammer Throw (3rd 23.84m) Gibbs

Javelin Throw (2nd 26.32m, 5th 21.91m, 8th 12.51m) Grogan, Therrien, Charles

-Giorgio Varlaro

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