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Track & Field gears up for regionals at Ithaca Tuesday Meet

ITHACA, NY – In their final meet before the Region III Championship, the Herkimer Generals track & field program traveled to Ithaca College on Tuesday (4/26) and tallied 14 top five finishes.

Getting two of those for the men was Jhamel Cohen (Brooklyn, NY). The sophomore placed fifth in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dash, running 12.08 in the 100 and 24.06 in the 200.

Norman Clayton (Bronx, NY) also had two top five finishes, running well in the 800-meter and 1500-meter run. Clayton posted a 2:30.75 in the 800 and 4:41.18 in the 1500, finishing third in the 800 and second in the 1500.

The final student-athlete with two top five finishes was Gabrielle Bridgewater (Fort Plain, NY). The freshman placed fifth in two events. They were the 800-meter dash and 100-meter hurdles. Bridgewater ran a 2:46.82 in the 800 and 20.05 in the 100.

After Cohen, Clayton and Bridgewater – the final eight top five finishes belonged to Matt Manda (Scotia, NY), Christopher Simmons (Utica, NY), Kenwyn Gibbs Jr. (Brooklyn, NY), Jon Bryant (Syracuse, NY), Tre Qwanel Hartwell (Ilion, NY), Tyrique Rideau (Westchester, NY), Shannon Shirley (Bronx, NY) and Lindsey Therrien (Johnstown, NY).

Manda and Simmons placed first and second in the 800-meter run. Manda beat Simmons by 13 seconds, posting a 2:05.50 for first. Simmons ran 2:18.08.

Gibbs Jr. and Bryant finished third and fourth in 110-meter hurdles. Gibbs Jr. beat out Bryant by one second, getting third with a 20.66. Bryant posted a 21.66.

The final two top five finishes for the men came in the triple jump and javelin throw. Hartwell leaped 9.67 meters in the triple jump – good enough for second overall – while Rideau threw the javelin 43.39 meters which was good enough for third place.

Shirley and Therrien got the final two top five finishes for the Generals on Tuesday. Shirley posted a 1:22.99 in the 400-meter hurdles, giving her fourth place overall. Therrien threw the javelin 23.34 meters, giving her fifth place overall.

On Saturday (4/30) the track and field program will travel to SUNY Delhi another year for the Region III Championship. One year ago the Generals had three individual regional championships, seeing the men place second and the women place third. Competition is slated to begin at 9 a.m. Saturday. 


100-meter Dash (5th 12.08, 12th 12.73) Cohen, Hartwell

200-meter Dash (5th 24.06, 9th 24.91, 14th 28.07, 15th 29.22) Cohen, Hartwell, Moreno, Parker

400-meter Dash (13th 1:06.22) Moreno

800-meter Run (1st 2:05.50, 2nd 2:18.08, 3rd 2:30.75) Manda, Simmons, Clayton

1500-meter Run (2nd 4:41.18) Clayton

110-meter Hurdles (3rd 20.66, 4th 21.66) Gibbs Jr., Bryant

400-meter Hurdles (6th 1:08.48, 7th 1:13.95, 8th 1:18.29) Clayton, Gibbs Jr., Clouthier

Long Jump (10th 4.91m, 11th 4.82m, 12th 4.57m, 13th 4.04m, 14th 3.25m) Bryant, Clayton, Clouthier, Hartwell, Moreno

Triple Jump (2nd 9.67m) Hartwell

Shot Put (7th 9.25m, 9th 8.93m, 12th 7.95m, 13th 7.79m, 14th 6.83m) Young, Cohen, Bryant, Bledsoe, Strickland

Discus Throw (8th 23.32m) Bledsoe

Hammer Throw (11th 23.62m, 13th 17.18m, 14th 15.33m, 15th 13.59m) Cohen, Young, Arnold, Bryant

Javelin Throw (3rd 43.39m, 6th 34.22m, 7th 32.40m, 8th 30.34m, 9th 29.94m, 11th 25.80m) Rideau, Garcia, Moore, Strickland, Arnold, Clouthier


100-meter Dash (6th 14.94) Murray

800-meter Dash (5th 2:46.82) Bridgewater

100-meter Hurdles (5th 20.05) Bridgewater

400-meter Hurdles (4th 1:22.99) Shirley

Long Jump (9th 3.95m) Sakona

Shot Put (8th 8.33m, 10th 6.24m, 11th 6.23m) Therrien, Fitzpatrick, H. Charles

Discus Throw (7th 23.53m, 9th 19.44m, 10th 15.25m) Murray, Therrien, Fitzpatrick

Hammer Throw (8th 25.59m, 9th 14.90m, 10th 11.66m, 11th 6.47m) Therrien, Fitzpatrick, L. Charles, Bridgewater

Javelin Throw (5th 23.34m, 8th 16.75m, 9th 14.63m, 10th 14.27m, 12th 8.57m) Therrien, Bridgewater, Shirley, L. Charles, H. Charles

-Giorgio Varlaro

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