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Generals corral Broncos, win 56-45 » Herkimer Generals

Generals corral Broncos, win 56-45

Herkimer, NY- The Generals built a 19-point lead in the first half and went on to defeat the Broncos of SUNY Delhi 56-45 on Thursday evening. The formidable troika of Whitney Brown, Shileeka Williams, and Samantha Randio provided 43 of the Generals' points.

The game was evenly played for the first 10 minutes. Sam Randio scored the first field goal of the night. The Broncos went ahead 4-2, but Whitney Brown tallied twice from the floor for a 6-4 Herkimer lead.

wbball 12 06 2012 SeabrooksThe Herkimer Five did some of their best offensive rebounding of the season as the game neared the 10-minute mark, but the Broncos were getting their share of rebounds too, and managed to take a 10-8 lead. Then Brown took a crisp inbounds pass from Aniya Webb and tied the game at 10 points apiece.

Webb drove for two herself, and the Generals' big scoring run had begun. Herkimer went on to score an amazing 21 unanswered points. They ran the score from 10-8 in Delhi's favor to 29-10 Herkimer. The Generals were clicking on offense, and they were completely shutting down the Delhi attack. And while the big three of Williams, Randio, and Brown were doing most of the scoring, the performance was a solid and tenacious effort by the entire Herkimer side.

Shi Williams had her own dazzling streak within that 21-point offensive. The score was 14-10 when Williams grabbed the ball for a steal-and-two. Then she sank a three-pointer from the left side. Williams followed that with a field goal, and it was 21-10. And the crafty freshman was not done. She tallied another three-pointer – this one from the right of center. The score was 24-10, thanks to 10 consecutive points by Shi Williams.

Photo: Sam Randio scores two, with Victoria Seabrooks (left) and Whitney Brown ready for a rebound

Delhi's offense scored twice as the half was ending. The teams left the floor with Herkimer on top 29-14.

It looked as if the Generals might expand their lead early in the second half. Sam Randio now had the hot hand. She scored a free throw and three field goals around Whitney Brown's FG, and the score was 38-18. But the Broncos were not about to give up.

Herkimer's 20-point lead became a 15-point margin with 11 minutes to play. Then the visitors closed it to 12 points with 10 minutes left.

A Delhi steal-and-two closed the gap to nine points, then eight, but the Generals did not allow the visitors to get any closer. Seabrooks sank two much-needed free throws, and Herkimer led 49-39.

Both teams were playing hard. Webb drove for two, pulled down a key rebound, and stole the ball. Randio hit from eight feet and put the game out of reach. Williams scored the game's final points, and the Generals had a 56-45 victory.

Head Coach BJ Gouger's squad now has an 8-2 record. Delhi's record is 6-7. The Generals will play their final two games of the semester this weekend, in the Monroe CC invitational tournament.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Randio 14, Williams 14, W. Brown 15, Webb 4, Seabrooks 5, A. Brown 3, Travis 1 – Total: 56

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