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Hawks soar, down Generals 57-40 » Herkimer Generals

Hawks soar, down Generals 57-40

Herkimer, NY – The Generals' four-game winning streak came to an end on Tuesday evening. The visiting Mohawk Valley Hawks, ranked #1 in the region and #2 in the nation, outplayed the Generals and won the contest 57-40.

The Generals had averaged 61 points per game over their past four games, which included a 62-56 win over the region's #3-ranked team, Fulton-Montgomery, on FM's home court. But on Tuesday evening their offensive game was way off its norm. The home side missed shots that they usually make.

Herkimer's first two shots almost went in, but rimmed out. Then things got worse for the Generals. The Hawks built an 18-8 lead. A long two-pointer by Whitney Brown and a Samantha Randio drive, assisted by Shileeka Williams, brought Herkimer within eight, at 20-12, but the Hawks pulled away again. The first half ended 25-12.

The Generals started the second half well. Williams sank a three. Randio took a pass from Victoria Seabrooks and scored. Williams hit another three. 28-20. But then the Hawks scored eight unanswered points.

The Herkimer Five fought back. Whitney Brown grabbed an offensive rebound then spun and scored. Randio stole the ball, sprinted 60 feet, spun around the MV defender, and scored. The Generals trailed by 11 with 3:23 to play. A Brown free throw and two FTs by Stacy Loucks helped, but the visitors prevailed 57-40. The Generals lost, but their 28-point second half was much better than the first.

This is the toughest portion of the schedule. In a nine-day stretch the 15-5 Generals will have played the teams ranked #1, #2, and #3 in the region. Herkimer is ranked #4 among the 16 regional teams. Their next outing will be another home game. They will host #2 Onondaga CC on Thursday, with a 6:00 p.m. tipoff.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Randio 14, Williams 6, W. Brown 12, Webb 2, Seabrooks 3, Loucks 2, A. Brown 1 – Total 40

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