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Herkimer women earn 20th win of season » Herkimer Generals

Herkimer women earn 20th win of season

Saranac Lake, NY – The Generals basketball team jumped out to a 4-0 lead and never looked back. The Herkimer Five used a combination of hustle, good shooting from the floor, and accurate tosses from the free throw stripe to defeat the host Saints of North Country CC 62-39.

The win gives the team a season record of 20-7. This is the first time that the team has reached the 20-win mark in recent memory. Head Coach BJ Gouger's team has two regular-season games remaining.

wbball 02 17 2013 RandioThe Generals' win was even more impressive because one of the team's best players, Whitney Brown, was unable to make the trip. Players such as Alexia Brown and Stacy Loucks filled in by playing more minutes than usual and giving solid performances.

Sparkplug Aniya Webb was the first General to score. Webb's putback was followed by a two by Victoria Seabrooks. Shileeka Williams then scored a two, and the scoreboard read 6-2 Herkimer. Williams would go on to have one of her finest offensive games of the season. She led all scorers with 22 points.

Scoring from the free throw line is just as important as scoring from the floor. Samantha Randio was fouled while shooting. She drained both shots. Soon Alexia Brown did the same. Randio went to the line again and sank two more. That six-for-six start was a taste of what was to come. The Generals finished the game with 16 points scored from the line in 21 attempts.

Randio, Williams, Webb, and the other Generals were playing alert defense. The Saints were getting few good shooting opportunities.

Photo: Sam Randio defending

Shi Williams sank a three. Webb stole the ball, sprinted 65 feet, and scored. Williams sank two more from behind the arc. Her 13 first-half points led the team to a comfortable 37-14 halftime lead.

The second stanza began with Williams taking a pass from Randio and scoring. The duo repeated that sequence with Randio sending a 50-foot feed to Williams for another field goal.

Randio contributed a three-point play. North Country responded with a two. Williams went to the left side and launched another successful long shot. The score was 50-30.

wbball 02 17 2013 WilliamsAlyssa Craig chipped in five points. Shi Williams sprinted from the North Country end and scored. 60-33 Herkimer.

Photo: Shi Williams sinking one of her four three-pointers

The rest of Herkimer's effort was mostly good game management. Victoria Seabrooks closed out the scoring with two free throws. Herkimer won 62-39.

The Generals return to the Herkimer hardwood on Wednesday for their final home game of the season. They will host the Vikings of Hudson Valley in a 5:00 p.m. contest.

Nick Scribe, website writer

Herkimer scoring: Randio 9, Williams 22, Webb 10, Seabrooks 6, Loucks 7, A. Brown 3, Craig 5 – Total 62

[ Ed.Note: The women's team reached the 20-win mark on Sunday, and the men's team also reached a milestone on Sunday afternoon. The men's team now sports a sterling 25-3 record. ]

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