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Morrett and Campanian place well for Generals » Herkimer Generals

Morrett and Campanian place well for Generals

(Victoria Campanian finished fourth overall for HCCC with a time of 20:15).  

UTICA, NY – Competing in the SUNY IT Invitational Saturday, which had 24 college participants, Herkimer's men placed 12th overall and women placed 13th.

Standing out for the women again was Victoria Campanian (Glenfield, NY). Finishing fourth overall, Campanian finished in 20:15, within 10 seconds of first place.

Other contributors for the women were Tianderah Twichell (West Winfield, NY), Ashley Dennis (Cooperstown, NY), Renee Hamilton(Herkimer, NY) and Dayonna Williams (Bronx, NY). Twichell finished 63rd (25:18), Dennis finished 77th (26:42), Hamilton finished 86th (27:50) and Williams finished 90th (29:02).

As for the men, their top two performers were Sam Morrett (Cohoes, NY) and Erick Febus (Hannibal, NY). Morrett finished 20thoverall with a time of 29:08, while Febus finished 38th overall with a time of 30:40.

Brandon Rawson (Herkimer, NY), Rony LeRouge (Walton, NY), Philip Tanner (Deposit, NY), David Stanley (Bronx, NY) and DaQuan Corbitt (Central Islip, NY) were also in competition for the men. Rawson finished 65th (32:20), LeRouge finished 101st (37:06), Tanner finished 104th (37:45), Stanly finished 109th (39:36) and Corbitt finished 121st (45:17).

The Generals next meet is Wednesday, October 9th at SUNY Delhi. Competition is set to begin at 5 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro; Athletic Website Manager

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