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Women's Soccer Concludes their Season

Saturday October 29th proved to be the General’s last day of the season as they took second at the 2016 NJCAA Region III District A finals.  Fourth seeded Herkimer Generals faced off against the first seeded SUNY Broome Hornets.  Herkimer took the first lead with 8 minutes left in the first half from a goal scored by freshman #15 Hannah Taylor off of a free kick.  The score remained 1-0 at the half and for most of the remainder of the game.  But the final minutes of the match, the momentum leaned in the favor of the Hornets.  With 14:14 left in the game, Hornet’s Mikaela Mazerolle tied it up.  Unfortunately for Herkimer, SUNY Broome wasn’t finished there.  With 5:13 left in regulation Nicole Harmer netted the final goal of the game as the Hornets took the lead and won 2-1 in the 2016 NJCAA Region III District A Championship.  Herkimer’s assistant coach David Clayton mentioned how proud he was of the team, “The girls played their hearts out- [we’re] extremely proud of them.”



Herkimer 1, SUNY Broome 2.


Herkimer 1, SUNY Broome 0.


Generals: Hannah Taylor 1-0

Hornets: Mikaela Mazerolle 1-0, Nicole Harmer 1-0

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