Herkimer Generals Athletics Honored with Six Angels Award

Little Falls, NY-- On Tuesday December 20th the Herkimer Generals Athletic Program was honored with the Herkimer County Hunger Coalition's Six Angels of Christmas Award for 2016.  


     "This award is given in memory of the six McLeod children who perished on December 22nd 1991 in a house fire in Little Falls, NY.  The award is given to those who personify the spirit of giving through their contributions to their communities over a period of years.  This year's awards are specially given in memory of two icons from Mohawk who passed away recently- Bob "Bebo" Brien and Elmer Heston.

     Athletic teams at Herkimer College have sponsered children in the Gram Lorraine Children's Christmas Program for the past several years.  This year they outdid themselves- every athletic team sponsered at least one child as a part of the Capt. Pete McAvoy Chapter of Gram Lorraine.  Kudos to Athletic Director Donnie Dutcher for coordinating the effort.

     The winners of this award epitomize  the spirit of giving synonymous with the Christmas season.  Readers can honor the McLeod children by remembering to CHECK THEIR SMOKE DETECTORS THIS THURSDAY AND THE LAST THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH IN ADDITION TO DRAWING AN EXIT PLAN AND PRACTICING IT PERIODICALLY."

--RJ Lenarcic

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