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Softball sweeps third straight series Sunday » Herkimer Generals

Softball sweeps third straight series Sunday

(Herkimer's Hannah Desino went 2-for-3 Sunday with 1RBI. It scored Karintha Myslivecek). 

HERKIMER, NY – The Herkimer Generals softball team outscored opponents a whopping 36-to-2 when their fourth game in two days concluded Sunday (4/12) at Harmon Field. Sunday’s opponent was DII Monroe Community College, defeating the Tribunes 8-0 and 7-2.

Starting game both games Sunday were Dana Nicoletti (Syracuse, NY) and Brittany Ormond (New Paltz, NY). Both went the distance with Nicoletti allowing three hits in five innings and Ormond allowing two runs on four hits in seven. It helped Nicoletti to her third win and Ormond to her second.

Supplying the offense in both games was Elyssa LeBaron (Corning, NY). The freshman went 3-for-5 with five RBI combined, just two RBI ahead of Hannah Potter (Pulaski, NY) who had three RBI in game two, going 2-for-4 at the plate.

Joining LeBaron and Potter with multiple RBI was Lindsey Parese (Herkimer, NY). The utility player went 1-for-1 in game one with 2RBI. Parese now has four RBI on the season.

The Generals next doubleheader is Tuesday (4/14). It will be their third consecutive doubleheader at home. Jefferson has yet to play a game this season and will be taking on the No. 2 ranked team in the nation and owner of the top spot in the Region III. Tuesday’s game will more than likely be played at Harmon Field again. The doubleheader is scheduled for 3 & 5 p.m.

Game One:

Herkimer (9-7) 8

Monroe (3-16) 0

Tribunes 000 00 3 | 0

Generals 111 05 8 | 8



Elyssa LeBaron 1-for-1 2R 3RBI

Lindsey Parese 1-for-1 2RBI

Alexis Capasso 0-for-2 1RBI


Kayla Henning 1-for-1 1BB

Hannah Evingham 1-for-2

Kathleen Laskey 1-for-2 1BB



Dana Nicoletti (W, 3-3) 5IP 3H 0R 0ER 2BB 8K

Game Two:

Herkimer (10-7) 7

Monroe (3-17) 2

Generals 102 010 3 13 | 7

Tribunes 200 000 0 3 | 2



Hannah Potter 2-for-4 3RBI 12B

Elyssa Lebaron 2-for-4 1R 2RBI

Kayla Bancroft 3-for-4 2R 1RBI 12B

Hannah Desino 2-for-3 1R 1RBI 1BB


Lexy Rouse 1-for-3 1 RBI 13B

Hannah Evingham 1-for-2 1RBI



Brittany Ormond (W, 2-2) 7IP 4H 2R 2ER 3BB 2K

Next Doubleheader: 4/14 vs. Jefferson 3 & 5 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro

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