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Softball downed twice by Hurricanes in opener » Herkimer Generals
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Softball downed twice by Hurricanes in opener

LOUISBURG, NC – Opening the regular season on the road against DI Louisburg College Friday (3/13), the Herkimer Generals lost to the Hurricanes 13-5 and 12-3 in a doubleheader.

Herkimer (0-2) played well in game one, only down by one run (5-4) after the top of the fifth, but Louisburg opened the game up, scoring eight runs with their final six outs left in the game.

Getting the loss for Herkimer was Dana Nicoletti (Syracuse, NY). The freshman pitched five innings, allowing 11 runs on nine hits, striking out two.

Providing the offense in game one was Taylor Daniels (Watervliet, NY), Kayla Bancroft (Fort Ann, NY), Brittany Ormond (New Paltz, NY) and Nicoletti. Daniels led the team with 2 RBI’s, collecting her first home run as a General in the fifth. Bancroft, Ormond and Nicoletti each collected 1 RBI off of four hits combined.

In game two, the Generals only managed three runs off of three hits, getting two of their runs from walks against Louisburg’s Lauren Sitterson. Bancroft was the only General to collect an RBI, going 1-for-3.

Getting the start for Herkimer was Ormond. The sophomore allowed 12 runs on seven hits, walking and striking out four.

The Generals were rained out on Saturday (3/14) at Grand Park Athletic Complex in Myrtle Beach, SC thus will continue their spring trip on Monday (3/16). They’ll face Lewis & Clark Community College at 9:30 a.m. and Delaware Technical College at 11:30 a.m.

Game One:

Louisburg (7-4, 1-1) 13

Herkimer (0-1) 5

Generals 100 121 | 5

Hurricanes 103 144 | 13



Kayla Meares (W) 6IP 5R 4ER 9H 1BB 7K


Dana Nicoletti (L) 5IP 11R 6ER 9H 1BB 2K

Shania McEvoy 1/3IP 2R 2ER 1H 2BB 1K



Jennifer Allison 2-for-4 3RBI

Kim Mobley 2-for-3 3 RBI 1HR

Alexis Hobson 2-for-3 2RBI

Kayla Meares 1-for-4 2 RBI

Brooke Fletcher 1-for-3 1 RBI

Kelsey Follrod 0-for-3 1 RBI


Taylor Daniel 1-for-3 2RBI 1HR

Dana Nicoletti 2-for-4 1RBI

Kayla Bancroft 1-for-2 1RBI 1BB

Brittany Ormond 1-for-3 1RBI

Game Two:

Louisburg (8-4, 1-1) 12

Herkimer (0-2) 3

Generals 110 10 | 3

Hurricanes 340 50 | 12



Lauren Sitterson (W) 4IP 3R 1ER 6H 4BB 3K

Jennifer Allison 1IP 0R 0ER 1H 1K


Brittany Ormond (L) 4IP 12R 3ER 7H 4BB 4K



Megon Smith 1-for-3 3RBI 1HR

Kim Mobley 3-for-3 3RBI

Jennifer Allison 2-for-2 2RBI

Lauren Sitterson 1-for-3 2RBI 1HR

Kayla Meares 1-for-3 1RBI


Kayla Bancroft 1-for-3 1RBI

Alexia Capasso 1R

Sydney Cimini 1R

Karintha Myslivecek 1R

-Giorgio Varlaro

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