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Softball sweeps #9 Lazers on the road » Herkimer Generals
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Softball sweeps #9 Lazers on the road

SYRACUSE, NY – 12 days removed from their last game didn’t faze the Herkimer Generals softball team, taking two games from #9 Onondaga Community College Wednesday (4/1) on the road, defeating the Lazers 10-9 and 14-6 in a doubleheader.

Herkimer (6-7) came back from down 5-2 after the first three innings with Dana Nicoletti (Syracuse, NY) getting the start, however the Generals bats did come alive, outscoring the Lazers 8-to-4 in the final four innings.

Supplying the fire power was Kayla Bancroft (Fort Ann, NY) and Taylor Daniels (Watervliet, NY). Bancroft went 2-for-4 with three RBI, both hits doubles. As for Daniels, the freshman went 4-for-5 with two RBI, accumulating one double and three triples.

Getting one RBI in game one was Nicoletti, Brittany Ormond (New Paltz, NY), Elyssa LeBaron (Corning, NY) and Sydney Cimini (Syracuse, NY). It helped Herkimer amass 16 hits in the game, but also got Nicoletti her second win of the season, throwing the complete game.

Game two saw Herkimer build on their momentum from game one, blowing the game open in the second inning when LeBaron hit a grand slam with starting pitcher Elizabeth Jackson taken out for a reliever. It helped the freshman to four RBI, hitting her first home run of the season to help Ormond get the complete game victory in six innings.

Up next for the softball team is Finger Lakes Community College. The Lakers are the 19th best team in the region, losing their last three games which included a 7-0 defeat to Onondaga. Herkimer will look to keep their #2 national ranking with a doubleheader scheduled at Finger Lakes on Saturday, April 4th. Game times are 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Game One:

Herkimer (5-7) 10

Onondaga (6-5) 9

Generals 200 503 0 16 | 10

Lazers 041 001 3 12 | 9



Kayla Bancroft 2-for-4 3RBI 2R 22B 1BB

Taylor Daniels 4-for-5 2RBI 1R 12B 23B

Dana Nicoletti 3-for-5 1RBI 2R

Brittany Ormond 1-for-3 1RBI 1R 1BB

Elyssa LeBaron 2-for-3 1RBI 1R 1BB

Sydney Cimini 0-for-3 1RBI 1BB


Sarah Bregg 3-for-4 5RBI 3R 1HR 13B

Chantel Hammond 4-for-4 2RBI

Samantha Moon 1-for-4 1RBI



Dana Nicoletti (W) 7IP 9R 9ER 12H 8BB 10K


Elizabeth Jackson (L, 3-4) 5 1/3IP 10R 8ER 13H 2BB 3K

Elizabeth Riegler 1 2/3IP 0R 0ER 3H 2BB

Game Two:

Herkimer (6-7) 14

Onondaga (6-6) 6

Generals 281 201 8 | 14

Lazers 330 000 9 | 6



Elyssa LeBaron 1-for-2 4RBI 2R 1HR 1BB

Hannah Potter 1-for-4 2RBI

Dana Nicoletti 1-for-1 1RBI 2R 2BB

Karintha Myslivecek 0-for-3 1RBI 2R

Taylor Daniels 0-for-3 1RBI 1R 1BB

Sydney Cimini 1-for-3 1RBI

Alexis Capasso 2-for-3 1RBI 2R 12B


Samantha Moon 1-for-3 1RBI

Chantel Hammond 1-for-2 1RBI

Sami Loveless 1-for-3 1RBI

Whitney Smith 0-for-3 1RBI



Brittany Ormond (W, 2-2) 6IP 6R 4ER 9H 3BB 2K


Brittney Sears (L, 3-2) 1 1/3IP 9R 7ER 2H 5BB 1K

Elizabeth Jackson 4 2/3IP 5R 5ER 6H 2BB 4K

Next Game: 4/4 at Finger Lakes 1 & 3 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro

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