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Women take first, post another school record at Delhi » Herkimer Generals
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Women take first, post another school record at Delhi

DELHI, NY – Putting together their best collective effort of the season at SUNY Delhi, the Herkimer Generals men’s and women’s swimming & diving team posted nine personal bests in the water, helping the men to a third place and the women to a first place finish on Saturday (1/24).

Freshman Dean Schrider (Holland Patent, NY) was the lone male to compete for the Generals, capturing a Top 5 finish in his three events. First place was earned in the 100 yd. Backstroke, second was in the 100 yd. Butterfly and fourth was in the 50 yd. Freestyle. Schrider posted a 1:09.68 in the backstroke, 1:03.68 in the butterfly and 25.80 in the freestyle.

As for the women, they swam first place in nine of their 11 events, getting second place in the other two. Individual top spots were captured by Kelly O’Hern (Holland Patent, NY), Hannah Watts (Norwich, NY), Corinne Richer (Clinton, NY), Victoria Bemiss (Canaan, NY) and Erin Hutchison (Macedon, NY).

O’Hern got hers in the 500 yd. Freestyle, posting a 7:33.81. Watts got hers in the 100 yd. Backstroke, posting a 1:21.64. Richer got hers in the 200 yd. Butterfly and Backstroke, posting a 2:49.14 and 2:33.45. Bemiss got hers in the 100 yd. Freestyle, posting a 1:13.35. Hutchison got hers in the 200 yd. Breaststroke and 1650 yd. Freestyle, posting a 3:00.65 and 21:56.80. The time she swam in the 1650 broke her own school record by one second.

Then the tandem of Watts, Hutchison, Richer and O’Hern collectively earned first in the 400 yd. Medley Relay (5:22.75), then subtracted O’Hern for Bemiss in the 800 yd. Freestyle Relay but the result remained the same, getting first again with a 10:06.53.

Herkimer’s final regular season meet is this Saturday, January 31st. The Generals will travel to Genesee Community College where the regular season began. Competition is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.       

Men (3rd overall 40 points):

100 yd. Backstroke (1st 1:09.68) Schrider

50 yd. Freestyle (4th 25.80) Schrider

100 yd. Butterfly (2nd 1:03.68) Schrider

Women (1st overall 275 points):

400 yd. Medley Relay (1st 5:22.75) Watts, Hutchison, Richer, O’Hern

200 yd. Freestyle (2nd 2:54.91) O’Hern

100 yd. Backstroke (1st 1:21.64, 3rd 1:25.05, 4th 1:32.57, 6th 2:00.74) Watts, Bemiss, Christian, Steele

200 yd. Butterfly (1st 2:49.14) Richer

50 yd. Freestyle (2nd 31.25, 10th 43.60) Bemiss, Steele

100 yd. Freestyle (1st 1:13.35, 5th 1:23.17, 9th 1:38.55) Bemiss, Christian, Steele

200 yd. Backstroke (1st 2:33.45, 2nd 2:56.40, 4th 3:24.76) Richer, Watts, Christian

200 yd. Breaststroke (1st 3:00.65) Hutchison

500 yd. Freestyle (1st 7:33.81) O’Hern

800 yd. Freestyle Relay (1st 10:06.53) Richer, Hutchison, Watts, Bemiss

1650 yd. Freestyle (1st 21:56.80) Hutchison

-Giorgio Varlaro

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