Generals swing well against Timberwolves


(Head Coach Matt Lee comments on his team's performance against Adirondack).

HERKIMER, NY – Coming down the stretch of the regular season, the Herkimer Women's Tennis team has started to hit its stride. With Shileeka Williams taking a set in singles (6-3, 6-2, 7-5), and Karen Kanno, Williams (8-6), Stacy Loucks and Alexis Delahunt (8-6) taking sets in doubles, the Lady Generals had their best showing of the season against Adirondack Community College on Wednesday.

Below are singles and doubles results:


1st Flight: Lauren Demetrus (ACC) vs. Lauren Robinson (HCCC) – W (6-0, 6-0)

2nd Flight: Melanic Muinuo (ACC) vs. Stacy Loucks (HCCC) – W (6-3, 6-1)

3rd Flight: Jessica Weirich (ACC) vs. Shelby Callaghan (HCCC) – W (6-2, 6-2)

4th Flight: Kaija Tanlyn (ACC) vs. Alexis Delahunt (HCCC) – W (6-2, 6-2)

5th Flight: Jessica Peccetti (ACC) vs. Aniya Webb (HCCC) – W (6-4, 6-0)

6th Flight: Shileeka Williams (HCCC) vs. Abby Connors (ACC) – W 6-3, 6-2, 7-5)


1st Flight: Demetrus & Muinuo (ACC) vs. Robinson & Callaghan (HCCC) – W 8-1

2nd Flight: Kanno & Williams (HCCC) vs. Weirich & Tanlyn (ACC) – W (8-6)

3rd Flight: Loucks & Delahunt (HCCC) vs. Peccetti & Connors (ACC) – W (8-6)

-Giorgio Varlaro; Athletic Website Manager

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