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Generals strong in doubles at Onondaga

SYRACUSE, NY – Taking two of four doubles games at Onondaga Community College Saturday (10/3), the Herkimer Generals women’s tennis team took four games total against the Lazers in two matches, losing 5-1 and 4-3 in back-to-back pro sets at Santaro Park.

Herkimer (0-7, 0-4) had solid contributions from Kirin Kubayashi (Chiba, Japan), Jordan Mercer (Oneida, NY), Gui Hua Gan (Shenzhen, China) and Meghan Whitmoyer (Blossvale, NY). Hua Gan and Whitmoyer had the most success, taking both their single and doubles over Onondaga’s Acondad Williams and Adele Baptiste in the second match. Hua Gan and Whitmoyer won 9-7 and 8-6 in third and fourth singles - then paired together in doubles for the 8-3 victory - their best showing of the season.

As for Kubayshi and Mercer, both won first doubles in the first match 8-6 over Onondaga’s Kaitlin Ferrara and Lindsey Cornacchia, but were unable to keep their recent doubles success alive with an 8-5 loss in the second match.

The tennis team plays their fourth consecutive match on the road Monday (10/5). They’ll travel to Utica, NY to face Mohawk Valley Community College for the first time this season. Match play between the Generals and Hawks is scheduled for 4 p.m.

Match One:

Onondaga Lazers 5, Herkimer Generals 1

LAZERS (1-7), GENERALS (0-6, 0-4)

1st Singles: Kaitlin Ferrara (OCC) def. Kirin Kobayashi (HERK) 8-1

2nd Singles: Lindsey Cornacchia (OCC) def. Jordan Mercer (HERK) 8-3

3rd Singles: Taylor Maxwell (OCC) def. Gui Hua Gan (HERK) 8-1

4th Singles: Aconda Williams (OCC) def. Meghan Whitmoyer (HERK) 8-2

1st Doubles: Kirin Kobayashi & Jordan Mercer def. Kaitlin Ferrara & Lindsey Cornacchia 8-6

2nd Doubles: Taylor Maxwell & Aconda Williams def. Gui Hua Gan & Meghan Whitmoyer 8-6

Match Two:

Onondaga Lazers 4, Herkimer Generals 3

LAZERS (2-7), GENERALS (0-7, 0-4)

1st Singles: Kaitlin Ferrara (OCC) def. Kirin Kobayashi (HERK) 8-0

2nd Singles: Taylor Maxwell (OCC) def. Jordan Mercer (HERK) 9-7

3rd Singles: Gui Hua Gan (HERK) def. Aconda Williams (OCC) 9-7

4th Singles: Meghan Whitemoyer (HERK) def. Adele Baptiste (OCC) 8-6

5th Singles: OCC via forfeit

1st Doubles: Kaitlin Ferrara & Lindsey Cornacchia def. Kirin Kobayashi & Jordan Mercer 8-5

2nd Doubles: Gui Hua Gan & Meghan Whitmoyer def. Aconda Williams & Adele Baptiste 8-3

Next Match: 10/5 at Mohawk Valley 4 p.m.

-Giorgio Varlaro

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