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Williams, Shinn, Brutus, Gibbs IV and Campanian place well at Nazareth

ROCHESTER, NY – The Herkimer Generals Track & Field team continued their season at the ROC City Invitational on Saturday with both the men and women capturing 15 Top 10 finishes.

For the men, sophomore’s Wendall Williams (Syracuse, NY) and Joseph Shinn (New Rochelle, NY) kept up their solid seasons, each finishing first in their individual events. Williams took a little of the lime light breaking a facility record in the 100-meter dash, running a 10.98. As for Shinn, his 15.44 came less than a second away from a facility record, having the second closest runner finish at 16.25 in the 110-meter hurdles at Golden Flyer Stadium.

Another first-place finish came in the 4X100-meter relay, which both Williams and Shinn run the second and fourth legs. Adding Mich Brutus (Irvington, NJ) to the first leg and Thomas Gibbs IV (Brooklyn, NY) to the third leg, the Generals posted a 43.07, beating their 43.38 from the week before.

The final first-place finish came in the long jump where Williams leaped 7.38 meters. It’s his second consecutive first place finish in the event this season.

Capturing Top 10 finishes for the men were Brutus, Sam Morrett (Cohes, NY), DaQuan Corbitt (Central Islip, NY), Philip Tanner (Deposit, NY), Marckenson Luctama (White Plains, NY), Jack Minasi (Newport, NY), Gibbs IV and Anthony Ciaccia (Selkirk, NY). Brutus posted a 23.68 in the 200-meter dash; Morrett helped the 4X800-meter relay post a 10:01.05, but also jumped 12.00m in the triple jump; Corbitt, Tanner and Luctama were a part of the 4X800-meter relay which finished sixth; Minasi jumped 6.60m in the long jump; Gibbs IV jumped 6.35m in the long jump; and Ciaccia jumped 12.84 m in the triple jump.

For the women, freshman Victoria Campanian (Glenfield, NY) stole the show, adding four Top 10 finishes, two of them individual. In the 5000-meter run and 3000-meter Steeplechase, Campanian got her first two Top 5 finishes of the season, placing fourth in the 5000 (19:09) and third in the 3000 (12:11.38).  

The third came in the 4X800-meter relay which consisted of Campanian, Tianderah Twichell (West Winfield, NY), Haruka Murakami (Ibaraki, Japan) and Jessica Inserra (Yorkville, NY). Their 12:25.05 gave the group a sixth place finish.

The fourth came in the 4X400-meter relay which consisted of Campanian, Murakami, Barnett and Kaylyn Dickerson (Douglasville, GA). The group posted a 4:46.40.

The Generals next meet is Friday (4/18) and Saturday (4/19) at SUNY Cortland because their meet at SUNY Delhi was cancelled on Wednesday (4/16) due to poor field conditions. On Friday, competition begins at 4 p.m. On Saturday, it starts at 10 a.m.


100-meter Dash (1st 10.98, 17th 11.77, 22nd 11.80, 46th 12.47, 50th 12.51, 52nd 12.54, 63rd 12.88, 65th 13.04, 68th 13.33, 70th 13.48) Williams, Brutus, Gibbs, Minasi, Huggins, Scott, Ciaccia, Boyer, Peterson and Johnson

200-meter Dash (10th 23.68, 34th 24.91, 42nd 25.51, 45th 25.97, 46th 26.04, 50th 26.62, 54th 27.49) Brutus, Minasi, Huggins, Stewart, Scott, Pelle and Johnson

400-meter Dash (19th 54.54, 32nd 58.55, 33rd 1:01.72, 34th 1:02.88) Morrett, Pelle, Stanley and Johnson

800-meter Run (33rd 2:09.06, 62nd 2:28.82) Morrett and Stanley

1500-meter Run (65th 4:54.10) Tanner

5000-meter Run (21st 18:54.04) Tanner

110-meter Hurdles (1st 15.44) Shinn

400-meter Hurdles (11th 1:04.38, 12th 1:05.06) Morrett and Corbitt

4X100-meter Relay (1st 43.07) Brutus, Shinn, Gibbs and Williams

4X400-meter Relay (16th 3:46.27) Morrett, Brutus, Minasi and Williams

4X800-meter Relay (6th 10:01.05) Morrett, Corbitt, Tanner and Luctama

Long Jump (1st 7.38m, 7th 6.60m, 10th 6.35m, 14th 6.15m, 17th 5.91m, 22nd 5.77m, 28th 5.55m, 31st 5.39m, 33rd 5.31m) Williams, Minasi, Gibbs, Ciaccia, Morales, Peterson, Stewart, Huggins and Scott

Triple Jump (5th 12.84m, 6th 12.43m, 7th 12.00m, 11th 11.65m, 14th 11.13m) Ciaccia, Morales, Morrett, Stewart and Scott

Shot Put (20th 10.82m, 27th 9.72m, 30th 9.05m, 35th 7.32m) Whitted III, Boyer, Hanks Jr. and Allen

Discus Throw (27th 31.36m, 33rd 28.02m, 45th 21.64m) Whitted III, Boyer and Hanks Jr.

Hammer Throw (34th 25.58m, 37th 20.93m) Whitted III and Hanks Jr.

Javelin Throw (18th 36.65m, 28th 29.02m, 30th 28.15m, 35th 21.40m) Whitted III, Hanks Jr., Boyer and Allen


100-meter Dash (14th 13.85, 30th 14.55) Nowak and Barnett

200-meter Dash (17th 28.21, 29th 29.48) Nowak and Barnett

400-meter Dash (18th 1:06.54, 25th 1:12.11, 26th 1:17.09) Nowak, Barnett and Inserra

800-meter Run (31st 2:44.57, 41st 3:05.69, 43rd 3:17.09) Murakami, West and Inserra

5000-meter Run (4th 19:09.36, 20th 21:18.33) Campanian and Murakami

3000-meter Steeplechase (3rd 12:11.38) Campanian

4X400-meter Relay (10th 4:46.40) Campanian, Murakami, Barnett and Dickerson

4X800-meter Relay (6th 12:25.05) Inserra, Twichell, Murakami and Campanian

Shot Put (24th 8.86m, 34th 7.05m, 35th 6.34m) Richardson, Woods and Maldonado

Discus Throw (28th 24.69m, 42nd 16.09m) Richardson and Maldonado

Javelin Throw (16th 21.93m, 21st 19.97m) Maldonado and Richardson

-Giorgio Varlaro; Athletic Website Manager

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